VanMoof’s new retail and service network reaches over 50 locations across seven countries

Amsterdam, 13 March 2024 - VanMoof, the Amsterdam-based e-bike producer that was bought by McLaren Applied in September 2023, has now signed 50 repair and service locations across seven countries to its partner network. The newly-built network consists of service and retail partners across the Netherlands, Germany, the United Kingdom and France, with locations in additional cities such as Copenhagen, Vienna and Dublin.

Under new leadership, VanMoof is not just re-engineering its e-bikes – it has also revamped its retail and service strategy. Instead of providing servicing directly to its riders, VanMoof has now shifted to a more sustainable maintenance model, equipping local workshops with the tools, knowledge and parts they need, and outsourcing maintenance and retail to them. VanMoof has successfully restarted the supply chain of spare parts and has been steadily supplying its ever-growing partner network.

“We set out on this journey five months ago with a lean team and a simple mission: keep riders on the road,” VanMoof’s Co-CEO Eliott Wertheimer says, “and I’m very proud of the progress we’ve made so far. From securing the technological infrastructure and restarting the supply chain, to building a partner network: we’ve taken a significant first step in this exciting journey. We’re grateful for the trust of all our partners. Having so many of the best independent shops join the fold is a solid indication that we are on the right path.”

VanMoof, which will soon make an official announcement about when its products will go back on sale, is initially focussing the roll out of its partner network on cities in its core markets: the Netherlands, Germany, the UK, and France. Later this year, VanMoof will build out its partner network to cities across other continents, including North America.

Riders can book service appointments directly with a VanMoof partner in their area. VanMoof has created a continuously updated partner locator on its website, so riders can find a partners that are currently active or will be active in the coming weeks near them. Most partners will provide service and sales of VanMoof products, but selected partners will only focus on servicing e-bikes. All VanMoof partners will receive extensive training, specialised tech and original parts to be able to provide the best service for VanMoof’s e-bikes.