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We’re re-engineering how we ride.

We’re writing the next chapter of VanMoof. From how we build our bikes to how you get them serviced, we’re creating a new rider experience. It’s just the beginning but stay tuned – we think you might like what’s coming.

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“Simplifying the e-bike experience”

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“Ingeniously simple”

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“The most noteworthy e-bikes on the market”

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The Testing Lab

Discover a behind-the-scenes look at our new testing process

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The VanMoof S5

Our remastered straight frame

For riders 5'4" - 6'9"

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The VanMoof A5

Our lower step-in frame

For riders 5'1" - 6'5"

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VanMoof App

Unlock the full potential of your VanMoof

Track your rides, configure your bike, get help on demand, and much more with the VanMoof app.

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