About VanMoof

VanMoof was started by Taco and Ties Carlier, two Dutch brothers with a vision of the perfect city bike. Now, we're a global team of riders, designers, dreamers, and doers united by one goal: to help you get around your city faster, smarter, happier, and in the utmost style. A decade after its foundation, VanMoof has repeatedly shaken up the international bike industry with rapid innovations and unconventional solutions. The Electrified was the first smart connected e-bike on the market, and its next-gen successors still lead the way, earning accolades for their integrated design. We're also the first bike company to radically revamp their business model by offering affordable high-tech feature-rich e-bikes. Not to mention our team of expert Bike Hunters that travel the world recovering stolen VanMoofs and returning them to their owners.

Taco and Ties Carlier

About the founders

Taco and Ties Carlier founded VanMoof in 2009. With backgrounds in industrial design—and a complete lack of bike industry know-how—they were able to flip the concept of a city bike on its head, and reimagine cycling for the cities of tomorrow. Over the past decade, the brothers stripped out unnecessary parts, improved the essentials, and integrated technology to stick it to bike thieves, headwinds and heatwaves. Earning numerous awards along the way, the Carlier brothers are committed to getting the next billion on bikes


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VanMoof in numbers

  • 190K Riders worldwide
  • 25 Bike Hunters
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