Reservations for the VanMoof V hit 10,000

Only three months after its announcement, VanMoof’s first ever hyperbike reaches significant milestone and reveals huge demand in a previously untapped mobility category.

Amsterdam, January 20 2022 – With the VanMoof V, VanMoof entered into the high-speed e-bike category, and the company has seen over 10,000 reservations for the bike since it was announced on October 12. This surge in demand represents over half of the total number of high-speed e-bikes on the road in the Netherlands and over 20% of total known speed bikes riding in Europe and is an incredible indication of public appetite for the as yet unreleased bike.

Invite-only approach

Revealing just how keen their audience are for faster and more accessible ways to get around the city, the VanMoof V achieved its reservation milestone exclusively via a rider-first, invite-only approach. The company gave its own community of riders the chance to reserve the VanMoof V first. Germany is the leading market, accounting for a third of total reservations, with the US, and the Netherlands close behind.

“Getting such a large number of reservations in such a short period of time shows the incredible public appetite for a true car replacement in our everyday city lives. With traffic levels now back up to pre-pandemic figures this mass turning point can’t come soon enough. We’re so excited at the fresh potential this bike represents. The V will upend the hierarchy of our roads.” 

Ties Carlier, Co-founder of VanMoof.

New V product developments


Today, VanMoof is also revealing an exciting new feature of the V – an integrated handlebar phone mount. This will allow riders' phones to be incorporated as a screen and dashboard and provide an intuitive visual reference for updates from the V’s onboard computer. With hardware and software design ongoing for over a year already, new product details are constantly being refined and developed ahead of the bike's release - expected by the end of 2022.

“Our lives, cities, and transport choices are evolving fast in the face of climate challenges. We believe that challenging automobile orthodoxy in our cities is absolutely necessary for a better future. People are speaking loud and clear and now we need cities to modernize policies and open up our streets to a more sustainable future.” 

Taco Carlier, Co-founder of VanMoof.

VanMoof V reservations open for wider public from February 8th

Currently in the engineering stage, the VanMoof V move from invite-only to general reservations to the wider public (in selected markets) from February 8th on, with first deliveries expected by the end of 2022. Reserving the VanMoof V for €20/$20/£20/¥2,500 means you can be one of the first to ride it when it’s ready for the roads. The VanMoof V is a new addition to VanMoof’s e-bike line-up and will sit alongside the popular S3 & X3 series. For more information on the VanMoof V, visit