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The limited-edition S3 Aluminum

The limited-edition S3 Aluminum celebrates electric riding in its purest form.

For riders 170-210 cm.

25 km/h 59 nm
25 km/h 59 nm
s3-bike-aluminium s3-bike-aluminium


For the VanMoof S3 limited-edition

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Range: 60 km (on full power mode) - 150 km (on economy power mode)
Capacity: 504Wh capacity Integrated LG cell

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Smart Kick Lock
Integrated Theft Defense
Automatic RiderRecognition
With manual disarm:the ability to unlock your bike via the handlebar button
Anti-theft nuts and bolts
GSM and Bluetooth location tracking
Apple Find My

VanMoof S3

Unique look, same model

Our limited-edition S3 Aluminum is a twist on our award-winning city e-bike model, the VanMoof S3.
Check out our original S3 to find out more about the bike's features.

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We're releasing a small amount of VanMoof limited-edition S3 Aluminum e-bikes. You can now get your hands on an iconic Series 3 e-bike with an aluminum frame.

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Our limited-edition S3 Aluminum e-bikes are only available in the Netherlands, Germany, France, and the United States.

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You can book a repair appointment in one of our Brand Stores, Service Hubs, or certified workshops via the Help section in My VanMoof. The full list of all our locations can be found here.

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It's not possible to test ride the limited-edition e-bike.

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Take a look at the Limited-Edition S3 Aluminum on our Promotional terms & conditions page.