Ride with us

Join a global team of riders, designers, dreamers and doers united by one goal: to help people get around their city faster, smarter, happier, and in utmost style.

Change the world with us

We are global

With headquarters in Amsterdam and in Taipei, plus brand stores across the world, we operate on a global scale.

Everyone is welcome

Diversity is more than a buzzword. We take active steps to make sure our teams are as diverse and representative as possible.

Meet The Team


Signed, sealed, delivered. The warehouse team is responsible for on-time picking, packing and shipping of VanMoof products globally. 

Public Relations

The difference between a rat and a squirrel is good PR. Our Public Relations team helps us to tell our story in the right way, and keeps close relationships with many companies and organizations.

Supply chain

In assembling our bikes we innovate at every angle. That’s why the supply chain team is so important to VanMoof.

Management team

Great management is an art. The management team is there to guide the way and help our employees grow personally and professionally.

Fixer network

We’re building a squad of bike doctors that brings our repair service to the doorstep of every customer. If you love tinkering, this is your team.

Customer Support

The Customer Support team is the lifeline with our customers and is made up of problem-solvers who go out of their way to put the customer first.


VanMoof has been widely recognised for our branding. The Creative team helps us tell our story in a visual and enticing way.


We are constantly pushing the boundaries of technological progress. Our R&D team helps us drive the innovation that in turn drives our bikes.


Culture eats strategy for breakfast. That’s why the People team is focused on getting top performers into the company and making their job a pleasure.


Our operation is complex, but needs to run smoother than a baby’s butt. Our Operations team helps us to spot critical issues and develop creative solutions.


Money makes the world go round. That’s why the Finance team is crucial in our global ambitions to get the next billion people on a bike.

Business Intelligence

Insight is key in scaling our company. The Business Intelligence team helps us by building the data infrastructure and by crunching the numbers. 


VanMoof loves to work with other companies and get even better in the process. The B2B team sets up great partnerships that last a lifetime.


Sometimes every i needs to be dotted. The legal team is crucial in a wide range of legal matters, with a focus on corporate law, governance and financing.

Growth Marketing

If you dream about exponential curves, this is the place for you. Our growth marketing team is the driving force behind our rapid expansion.


We want to be on the corner of every street. In the retail team you'll be the face of VanMoof for all visitors of our stores.

Our hiring process

Resume review
We check to see if you’re a good fit.
Phone Screening

We get to know you a little better (and you us)!

You speak to someone in the team about your background.

Your skills and abilities are put to the test.


The VanMoof team welcomes you!