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Peace of Mind services

The integrated tech in our e-bikes and our growing network mean that we can take our Peace of Mind guarantee to the next level. We’ll always have your back, wherever you ride.

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Our Peace of Mind services

Included with your VanMoof
  • Track your bike’s location
  • Firmware updates
  • Alarm notifications
  • In-app bike diagnostics
  • One year warranty
Peace of Mind

Stolen Bike? Our Bike Hunters get it back for you.


  • Bike Hunters recover your bike
  • Get a replacement bike if we can't find it



one-off payment for three-year coverage: the equivalent of just over $11 / month

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Peace of Mind

VanMoof Bike Doctors keep your bike in perfect condition.



one-off payment for three-year coverage: the equivalent of just under $10 / month

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Peace of Mind
Theft + Maintenance
Most popular

Complete worry-free coverage



one-off payment for three-year coverage: the equivalent of just over $19 / month

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We're putting bike thieves out of business with our integrated location tracking tech and iron-clad anti-theft guarantee. If your bike goes missing, just report it as stolen in the VanMoof app. The Bike Hunters will immediately get to work and recover your bike. If they can't, we'll replace your bike with one of the same (or better) age and condition.

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More information about Theft

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If your bike is stolen, you’ll need to notify us via the VanMoof app or your My VanMoof account. We’ll also require you to file a police report and forward a copy of it to us. You can contact us via this link.

You can then sit back and relax while the Bike Hunters do their thing. They’ll recover your bike within two weeks. If they can't, we'll replace your bike with one of the same (or better) age and condition.

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We’ll recover or replace up to three times within your three-year coverage. If by some freakish bad luck your bike is stolen a fourth time, we won’t be able to recover or replace your bike, but we will provide you with full tracking information so you can hunt it yourself.

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Sadly, no. We can only recover or replace a stolen bike if the Theft Defense system was armed and the Kick Lock was properly engaged when your bike was stolen.


Over a three-year period, the Bike Doctors will keep your bike in optimal condition, with check-ups and responsive maintenance in multiple cities across the world. Don't worry – all costs for parts and labor are included in your coverage


green checkpreventive
check ups


green checknormal wear
and tear


red xflat tires
and vandalism

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The biggest cities in the United States

Peace of Mind Maintenance is available in the following cities:

Austin, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Seattle and Washington, D.C.

Not in the United States?

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How does it work?

The VanMoof app tracks your riding distance and invites you to check-ups at regular intervals. Our Bike Doctors will evaluate and service any wear and tear to keep your bike riding perfectly and extend its lifespan. We’ll also notify you if any additional repairs are necessary.

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Maintenance timeline

After your first 620 miles of riding and every 1,550 miles afterwards, our Bike Doctors will perform a maintenance check on your VanMoof bike – for up to 3 years.

What we’ll do

Inflate tires • Lubricate drive chain • Check and tighten all critical nuts and bolts • Check brake pads and replace if needed • Check rear hub and adjust if necessary

Complete service

Peace of Mind Maintenance is designed to work with our industry-leading one-year warranty, which protects you against material and manufacturing defects. It’s our way of keeping your bike on the road, and out of the workshop.

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More information about Maintenance

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Wear and tear servicing covers all issues related to the inevitable ageing of your bike’s mechanical components. This includes wear to the wheels, handlebars, controls, chain and chain guard, kickstand, brakes, and brake pads. Damage caused by excessive use of the bike is not covered.

Issues with internal electronics, including the battery, E-shifter, Kick Lock, Turbo Boost, Smart Cartridge, and integrated bell are covered by the bike’s one-year warranty.

Damage to the bike caused by accident or vandalism are not covered by Peace of Mind Maintenance.

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The Peace of Mind Maintenance doesn’t cover everything. The following is not included: 

  1. Flat tires
  2. Damages due to accidents
  3. Damages due to vandalism
  4. Replacement or repairs of parts not caused by normal wear and tear
  5. Electric components
  6. Replacement parts that are outside warranty period
  7. Shipment costs to and from service locations
  8. Issue caused by excessive use of our bikes by for example using a VanMoof as a delivery bike (See the ‘Fair use policy’ in our Terms & Conditions)

If you have an issue outside of normal wear and tear (or what’s covered by your warranty) we can still help, but you may have to pay for repairs and shipping.

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Please visit our knowledge base and Terms and Conditions.

Theft + Maintenance 

Get three-year complete Theft & Maintenance coverage for $690. Available for the VanMoof S5 & A5.

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