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Peace of Mind Services

The VanMoof S3 & X3’s integrated tech and our growing network mean we can now take our Peace of Mind guarantee to the next level. We’ll always have your back, wherever you ride.

Choose whether you want three-year Maintenance for €290, three-year Theft coverage for €290 – or three-year complete coverage for €490.

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Stolen Bike? Our Bike Hunters get it back for you.

  • Bike Hunters recover your bike
  • Get a replacement bike if we can't find it
  • 3 year service


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VanMoof Bike Doctors keep your bike in perfect condition.
Note: This service is not available in your country.

  • Regular check-ups and ad-hoc servicing
  • 3-year service
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Theft + Maintenance

Complete worry-free coverage.
Note: This service is not available in your country.

  • 3-year Peace of Mind Theft + Maintenance
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We're putting bike thieves out of business with our integrated location tracking tech and iron-clad anti-theft guarantee. If your bike goes missing, just report it as stolen in the VanMoof app. The Bike Hunters will immediately get to work and recover your bike within two weeks. If they can't, we'll replace your bike with one of the same (or better) age and condition. 

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What happens if my bike gets stolen?

If your bike is stolen, you’ll need to notify us via the VanMoof app or your My VanMoof account. We’ll also require you to file a police report and forward a copy of it to us. You can contact us via this link .

You can then sit back and relax while the Bike Hunters do their thing. They’ll recover your bike within two weeks. If they can't, we'll replace your bike with one of the same (or better) age and condition.

What’s included in Peace of Mind Theft?

We’ll recover or replace up to three times within your three-year coverage. If by some freakish bad luck your bike is stolen a fourth time, we won’t be able to recover or replace your bike, but we will provide you with full tracking information so you can hunt it yourself.

I forgot to lock my bike and it got stolen, can you recover it?

Sadly, no. We can only recover or replace a stolen bike if the Theft Defense system was armed and the Kick Lock was properly engaged when your bike was stolen.


Over a three-year period, the Bike Doctors will keep your bike in optimal condition, with proactive check-ups and responsive maintenance in 17 cities. Don't worry – all costs for parts and labor are included in your coverage.

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What's included in Peace of Mind: Maintenance?

With Peace of Mind: Maintenance, you'll be invited for regular Bike Doctor check-ups based on your riding distance. At these check-ups, the Bike Doctors will evaluate and service any wear and tear to keep your bike riding perfectly and extend its overall lifespan. The Bike Doctors will also notify you if any additional repairs are necessary.

We'll invite you for Bike Doctor checkups at the following intervals: 

After you've ridden 1,000km, the Bike Doctors will check and inflate the tires, tighten the crank bolts, lubricate the drivetrain, tighten the kickstand, and tighten any other parts that have worked loose.

Every 2,500km, the Bike Doctors will do all of the above again and tighten your wheel nuts, fender bolts, and handlebar bolts. They'll also check and replace your brake pads if necessary, and check your rear hub for play.

At 7,500km, the Bike Doctors will do all of the above again and check your E-shifter for wear. They'll also replace your tires if they're too worn, and replace your rear wheel if it's spinning out-of-true. 

After 7,500km riding (nice work!), we'll check your bike at 2,500 km intervals. We’ll inflate your tires, lubricate your drivetrain, tighten all connections and anything that’s worked loose, replace your brake pads, and check your rear hub for damage.

Don't worry if you experience any wear and tear outside of your scheduled check-ups – you can schedule a Bike Doctor appointment for this at any time. All costs for parts and labor related to wear and tear are included in your Peace of Mind: Maintenance coverage.

Where is Peace of Mind: Maintenance available?

You can enjoy Peace of Mind coverage in the following locations:

The Netherlands: Amsterdam, Den Haag, Eindhoven, Rotterdam, and Utrecht
France: Paris
Japan: Tokyo
United Kingdom: London
Germany: Berlin, Bremen, Cologne, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, and Hamburg
USA: New York, San Francisco, and Seattle

If you need help with your bike, our customer support team will diagnose the issue and find the best solution to get you riding as soon as possible.

What wear and tear is covered?

Wear and tear servicing covers all issues related to the normal wear and degradation of your bike's mechanical components. This includes everyday wear to the wheels, handlebars and controls, chain and chainguard, kickstand, brakes, and brake pads. 

Issues with internal electronics, including the battery, E-shifter, Kick Lock, Turbo Boost, Smart Cartridge, and integrated bell are covered by the bike's three-year warranty.

Flat tires and damages caused by accident or vandalism are not covered by Peace of Mind: Maintenance.

What is not included?

Peace of Mind: Maintenance does not cover damages caused by accident or vandalism. If you have an issue outside of normal wear and tear (or what's covered by your warranty) we can still help, but you may have to pay for repairs and shipping.

Want to know more?

Please visit our knowledge base and Terms and Conditions.

Theft + Maintenance 

Get three-year complete Theft & Maintenance coverage for €490.

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