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170cm - 210cm

Dark Bike / VanMoof S3
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1. Standover height: 862 mm

2. Top tube: 615 mm

3. Seat tube: 587 mm

4. Head tube: 153 mm

5. Wheel base: 1113 mm

6. Down tube: 770 mm

7. Handlebar width: 650 mm

8. Total length: 1825 mm

9. Seat post diameter: 34 mm 


21 kg

Recommended for riders 170–210 cm

Supports up to 120 kg in weight


This is a good fit.

This is a bad fit.

This is a poor fit – we recommend the VanMoof X3.

VanMoof S3 Matrix Display Third party phone mount possible but no dashboard functionality 60-150 km (full power-economy mode) Smart Kick Lock Integrated Theft Defense Automatic Rider Recognition With manual disarm: the ability to unlock your bike via the handlebar button Anti-theft nuts and bolts GSM and Bluetooth location tracking Apple Find My 0-100% in 4 hours 0-50% charge in 80 minutes

4-speed, automatic e-shifter