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VanMoof App

Unlock the full potential of your VanMoof

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Get the most out of your VanMoof


Keyless unlock

Unlock with either the VanMoof app or enable Touch Unlock to start your ride instantly.


Track your rides

You can enable your VanMoof to automatically track your rides, without using GPS.


Configure your bike 

Control your gear shifting, sounds, motor assistance, unlocking settings and more.


Help when you need it

Report your bike as missing and check out our product support articles.

Unlock with ease

With the VanMoof App

Your bike knows you and only you. Your bike can be unlocked via the app and this can be set up within the app.

With Touch Unlock

With Touch Unlock you can unlock your bike as soon as your phone is within connecting range of your bike.

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My Rides

Track your rides

Enable your VanMoof to automatically track your rides without using GPS. Get stats on the distance, speed, and battery consumption of your rides, and compare them with other riders in your city and beyond.


Make it yours

We provide settings controls to make your VanMoof personalized to you. Control your gear shifting, sounds, motor assistance, unlocking settings and more.

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Ways to customize your VanMoof

Share your ride

Want to share your bike with a friend? You don’t even have to share your password – just add a rider using the app, pop in their email address, select how long they get to ride, and send out an invite. They can then hit the road using either Touch Unlock or the VanMoof app.

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Everything you need at hand

Connect with Apple Watch

Lock or unlock your bike, manage your settings, and check your battery level with your Apple Watch.

Track with Apple Find My

Track your ride securely using the vast and global Find My network, made up of hundreds of millions of Apple devices. With the Items tab in the Find My app, you can locate your bike on a map from your iPhone, iPad, or Mac. Available for the VanMoof S3 & X3, S5 & A5.