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Our Peace of Mind service is an ironclad guarantee that we'll recover your e-bike if it is ever stolen. When you sign up for Peace of Mind you enlist a superior theft prevention system and a ruthless team of Bike Hunters to the protection of your VanMoof. Why risk losing your bike in Berlin? Sign up for Peace of Mind now!

Peace of Mind Assurance

With the Peace of Mind service, you can sleep soundly at night knowing that your VanMoof e-bike is both theft-proof and theft insured. How does it work?

  1. Sign up for Peace of Mind service
  2. Be sure to engage your VanMoof e-bike's stealth lock
  3. Get your bike stolen (not recommended)
  4. Report it to our Bike Hunters via our mobile app
  5. Stop by your Berlin VanMoof store to pick up a temporary bike while our team searches for the original.

If we don't find your bike in two weeks, come pick up a bike of the same, if not better, condition and age. Finding your VanMoof or replacing it with another VanMoof is all covered by a one-time €98 fee with the Peace of Mind service.

VanMoof Rescue Team

If your VanMoof is stolen, our Bike Hunters will travel across the globe to return your bike to you. If they can't find your bike in two weeks from the date it was reported stolen, then VanMoof will give you a new bike of the same (or better) condition. 

While our Bike Hunters get to work, your bike takes care of itself and gets ready for extraction. Your armed bike responds with a loud warning sound when a thief touches it, followed by an urgent alarm if the thief doesn't back down. Finally, the bike disables its own motor and smart functionality to save energy, flashing SOS with its lights. Once reported stolen in the app, the bike sends out a tracking signal until you (or our Bike Hunters) find it.

Peace of Mind Pricing Options

  • €100 for one year of Peace of Mind service
  • €240 for three years of Peace of Mind service
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What to do if your VanMoof Bike is Stolen

1. Verify that the stealth lock on you VanMoof is engaged. (Without this, our VanMoof Bike Hunters will be unable to locate your bike.)

2. Download our mobile app (if you have not already) and report that your VanMoof has been stolen in the app.

3. Enjoy a temporary VanMoof bike to ride in Berlin while our dedicated Bike Hunters track down your original VanMoof. If they don't find your VanMoof in two weeks, we'll replace your VanMoof with another one of the same, or better, age and condition.

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