VanMoof Smart S City Bike
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at VanMoof London - London, CMD
For Riders 170 cm - 210 cm (5’6” – 6’8”)

  • £848.00 - £1048.00
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Brains. Looks. Big personality.

City-proof in every way, the tough Smart S takes care of itself. It hates thieves, loves you, and isn’t afraid to make some noise.

  • Rider recognition – The Smart S responds to you and your phone alone.
  • Theft defense system – Tamper detection. Ear-splitting warning sounds. This bike can take care of itself, thank you very much.
  • Stay safe – Powerful integrated lights shine the minute you start riding, night or day.
  • Completely connected – App. Bike. Rider. One unstoppable team.
  • Minimal maintenance – Designed to be completely city-proof, so you can enjoy the ride.

Meet the VanMoof Smart S

  • Coated aluminum
  • Thunder Grey, Fog White
  • Integrated dynamo-powered automatic LED system
  • 28” aluminum rims | Stainless steel spokes
  • Custom CST puncture-protected tires
  • Internal gear hub | 3-speed: Sturmey Archer with twist shifter | 8-speed: Shimano Alfine with trigger shifter
  • Front and rear mechanical disc brakes
  • Semi-upright riding position | Adjustable with additional stem riser
  • Fully enclosed drivetrain | Automatic chain-tensioning system
  • Waterproof air suspension saddle
  • Integrated sound system | Electronic bell
  • Integrated theft defense system | Location tracking | Anti-theft nuts and bolts | Abus Shield rear wheel ring lock
  • Encrypted Bluetooth and GSM connectivity
  • Automatic disarm and wake-up | Alarm settings | Over-the-air updates | Rider preferences
  • 3-speed: 14.2 kg/31.3 lb | 8-Speed: 15.1kg/33.3 lb
  •  170 cm – 210 cm | 5’6” – 6’8”
  • 2 years
Smart S Compatibility
  • VanMoof Bambooman Set for S Frame
    VanMoof Waitress Set for S Frame
    VanMoof Naked Carrier for S Frame
    VanMoof Rear Carrier for S Frame
  • ABUS Wheel Lock
    ABUS wheel lock chain
    ABUS Chain Lock
    ABUS Folding Lock
  • Thule Yepp Mini Child Seat
    Thule Yepp Maxi Child Seat
  • Ursus Double-Leg Kickstand
  • Stem Riser
  • A one-time key fee (from $98) unlocks your VanMoof. The monthly subscription fee (from $25/month) covers everything else.
Rider height
  •            The Smart X will fit you better.
  •          We recommend adding an extra stem riser for a more comfortable ride.

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