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Outlet Sale FAQ


What are ‘legacy’ bikes?

Legacy bikes are models which we don’t produce any more. These bikes are brand new and have never been ridden before – but when they’re gone, they’re gone for good!

What condition will my bike be in?

Don’t worry, you’re not buying bikes ready for the skip here. Far from it. Outlet bikes are simply either pre-loved or had a little knock in transit. To help you find the perfect bike, we’ve divided them into five discount categories — depending on how exactly how much wear and tear they have seen and how far they have been on the road. Oh, and all bikes have been given a full Bike Doctor checkup so they ride like a dream.


You know what will help? A table. Here you go...


Minor Damage

Photos provided as examples only. Actual imperfections will differ per bike.










Almost Perfect

Photos provided as examples only. Actual imperfections will differ per bike.







Are these bikes still safe?

Absolutely. We want all our riders to get the full VanMoof riding experience and it’s safe to say (ha!) that bikes that aren’t fit to be on the road definitely don’t fall into that category. To make sure they have absolutely no structural damage, each one is carefully checked (and approved) by our Bike Doctors.

Do these bikes come with a warranty?

Paying less shouldn’t mean extra worry. All outlet bikes ship with a warranty against defects in workmanship and materials. This coverage will range from one to two years, depending on the age and condition of the bike. 


Will you also be selling these bikes in your stores?

Nope, this is an online-only sale. So, make sure your laptop is fully-charged, get your mouse ready and maybe grab a snack.

I’ve put an Outlet Sale bike in my online cart, is it reserved?

Bikes in the outlet sale are in high demand and sold on a first-come, first-served basis. Unfortunately, this means we aren’t able to reserve items placed in a cart in order to secure the best deal make sure to complete your purchase as quickly as possible.


What are the payment options?

PayPal and all major credit card options are accepted.

My payment failed. What do I do?

Don’t give up hope. First, double-check with your bank that they’re not blocking the payment, if that doesn’t put things straight then try again or use a different payment method.

Will I get a payment confirmation and invoice?

Yes, we’ll send you a payment confirmation via email as soon as your order checked out. The invoice will follow right after the order has been shipped.

Please note, it's not possible to change the details on your invoice so make sure to take extra care when filling in your details.


Which countries does VanMoof ship to?

This Outlet Sale is in Europe and in the US. Therefore in the EU we are shipping to Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and the UK. In the US we ship to all 48 continental States excluding Alaska and Hawaii.

How much do you charge for shipping?

There is a $60 shipping fee for all outlet bikes.

What details do you need?

We'll need your address, phone number, email address, and full name. If your order has an invalid phone number, it could delay the delivery of your bike – so please double-check!

When will my bike ship?

We know that the wait for something this shiny can be agonising, so we aim to get your bike to you ASAP.

Your bike will be shipped from our warehouse in the USA within two weeks of purchase, the date of arrival after that will depend on your location in the US.

You’ll receive an email including Tracking details the moment your bike ships, so you can follow every step of its journey to your door (just don’t get caught doing that at work). 

Can I pick up my bike?

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to pick up outlet bikes in our brand stores.


I changed my mind. Can I change my order?

All purchases are final. This means we won’t be able to change an order once it is placed. 

Can I return my outlet bike after purchase?

Yes – you have 14 days to return the bike for a full refund (although we can’t imagine you’ll want to). You simply have to re-pack the bike and arrange to ship it back to our warehouse. If you want to return a bike and don’t have the box, we’ll ship you a new one for €100.


Which size bike is best for me?

When it comes to bikes, size does matter. To make sure you are riding off into the sunset with a frame that is the right fit for you, follow these rules:

  • If you're 5’-6’ tall, the best options are the Smart X, Electrified X, and Electrified X2.

  • If you're 5’8”-6’6” tall, the best options are SmartBike, Smart S, Electrified S, and Electrified S2.

Can I test ride an outlet bike before I buy it?

Sadly not, our outlet bikes are located in our warehouse and not in our stores (and, frankly, a load of people testing bikes in a working warehouse is a health and safety disaster waiting to happen). Got your eye on a particular model? You're more than welcome to swing by any VanMoof brand store and test-ride it there. 


Can I see a photo of my specific bike?

The problem with big sales? It involves a lot of bikes. Like… really, a lot. Unfortunately, that means we aren’t able to photograph every single one. However, we have inspected all bikes and put them into categories to let you know exactly the type of wear and tear you can expect.  


Which bikes come with a lock?

The Electrified S2 and X2 have an integrated Kick Lock. The Smart S and X have a ringlock.


What is VanMoof Peace of Mind Theft?

Our Peace of Mind Theft service is an optional extra that… well, does exactly that… gives you peace of mind. How? Well, if someone does manage to steal your bike, our team of fearless Bike Hunters (yes, that’s a thing) will be on their heels to track it down. If we can’t reunite you with your bike within two weeks, we’ll replace it. Read more here.

Which bikes can I buy Peace of Mind Theft for?

The 3-year Peace of Mind Theft is available as an add-on when you purchase an Electrified S2/X2 or Smart S/X. 

Can I buy a one year Peace of Mind Theft?

We're only able to offer the 3-year Peace of Mind Theft for Outlet bikes.


Can I get a bigger discount by buying multiple bikes, bribing you with chocolate, or naming my first child after you?

These are great deals, on fantastic bikes, so we won't be going any lower than the current discounts. Nice try, though.


Can you add accessories for my bike?

We don’t sell accessories in the outlet, but you can purchase these separately in our brand stores or at Please bear in mind that you’ll have to fit any accessories yourself. uses both its own and third-party cookies for technical, analytical and marketing purposes. By using our site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Please consult our Privacy Policy.