VanMoof Bike Box

The idea came to be as a solution for the dramatic increase in shipping damage we were experiencing when we first started shipping to the US (2015-16). We tried everything we could think of, fancy tougher boxes, different packaging materials, different shipping partners, but nothing seemed to do the trick.

Until Ties (Ties Carlier, one of the two brothers who founded VanMoof) realised that the problem was with what's in the box: apparently the US handlers don't care as much about bikes as we do. So we tried putting an image on the box of something we assumed the people handling the boxes in shipping care about more: Flatscreen TV"s. It's a 2ct hack that made shipping damage go down 70-80%. It was never meant as anything to drive PR but the word got out and it got traction in the press.

We started printing TV's on the boxes almost three years ago and we still do. We sell 80% of our bikes online (which means a lotttt of our bikes get delivered directly to our riders) and each and every VanMoof bike worldwide gets shipped in a box with a TV on it.

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