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VanMoof reveals next generation e-bikes set to inspire millions of city dwellers to switch to two wheels

The new VanMoof S3 & X3 are packed with upgraded tech at a 40% lower $1998 / €1998 / £1798 price point

The highly anticipated VanMoof S3 & X3 feature an array of new tech features, including electronic four-speed shifting, integrated hydraulic brake system, and double the boost power.

Amsterdam, April 21 2020 – VanMoof, the Dutch bike-meets-smart-tech company, launched their next generation e-bikes to the world today via a livestream event for press and fans alike. The high performance VanMoof S3 and X3 come packed with upgraded tech, and hit the market at $1998 / €1998 / £1798 in a bid to get the next wave of city dwellers riding. Since pre-orders began on April 6, over 3,000 people have already snapped up the bikes before even being able to ride or see one in real life.

Ultimate city ride

The VanMoof S3 & X3 pack 10 years of innovation into their sleek aluminum frames. With a more powerful motor, revamped Turbo Boost for instant acceleration, automatic electronic four gear shifting, integrated hydraulic brakes, a keyless Kick Lock, and signature anti-theft tech, the VanMoof S3 & X3 offer the ultimate riding experience that will change the city commute as we know it. VanMoof releases the new bikes in a time when social distancing is the new reality, and e-bikes are seen as an increasingly dependable and healthy mobility option.

Cycling upsurge

With a quarter of the world’s population restricted in mobility options due to COVID-19, it’s a remarkable time to plan a flagship product introduction. But VanMoof has never been more confident or committed to its billion on bikes mission. Launching a revolutionary bike that will change cycling for good, at a moment when the world needs it most. Because now more than ever it’s time for cleaner cities with healthier people. The beginnings of this shift can already be seen as cities worldwide report an unprecedented upsurge in cycling and recommendations from public health authorities to avoid public transport and cycle further strengthen this international opportunity.

"COVID-19 is testing all of our assumptions and infrastructure – everything from health and security, to our community and connections is brought into question. We now see that city-dwellers are looking for options that give them back their freedom. And we believe the VanMoof S3 & X3 can truly replace the car or public transport and open up cities to a new default transport option."

Taco Carlier, co-founder VanMoof.

High tech, low price

VanMoof’s new range offers massively improved performance and tech at 60% of the price of its predecessor, the Electrified S2 & X2. The radical price point is the result of a tipping point in scale and VanMoof’s 10-year innovation legacy. With the S3 & X3, VanMoof has taken ownership of the entire supply chain, building its own hyper-efficient manufacturing and distribution system. The new level of ownership and control, together with its direct-to-consumer sales model, allows VanMoof to produce e-bikes at a more affordable price than ever. With this range, VanMoof introduces its most disruptive price point ever. Sharing the benefits of its success directly with their riders, and bringing high quality technology to its widest audience yet.

“We’re seeing people around the world come together and discover the power of bikes. We’re proud to be introducing our most advanced e-bikes at a price point that has been impossible until now. The wave of demand in the past years has empowered us to scale up massively, and now we can pass those benefits onto the next generation of riders.” 

Ties Carlier, co-founder VanMoof.


  • Redesigned power system gives a faster, more responsive ride.
  • Intelligent Smart Cartridge responds to real-time motor feedback, giving you more range from a single charge.
  • Revamped Turbo Boost delivers double the torque at the press of a button.
  • Automatic four-speed e-shifter with customizable intelligent shifting levels for a seamless riding experience.
  • Kick Lock secures the bike with the tap of a toe, immobilizing the rear wheel and activating the onboard theft defense.
  • Integrated hydraulic brakes makes this the first bike on the market with a brake system designed for urban use – durable, powerful, and maintenance-free.
  • Upgraded app allows deep customization options (including bell sound), along with Rider Recognition, location tracking, report stolen feature, and remote lock down mode.

Test rides

Test-rides of the S3 & X3 will be available by appointment only at VanMoof's Amsterdam, Berlin, London, San Francisco and New York brand stores. With mobile test rides coming right to your door in Amsterdam and Berlin. Pop-ups in Rotterdam and Utrecht will appear from April 28, with plans for further pop-ups worldwide when it is safe to do so. A very strict Corona protocol will be followed at all times in all locations to ensure our staff and rider safety.

Available Online

The high-performance VanMoof S3 & X3 make cutting edge tech accessible to the masses for just $1998 / €1998 / £1798. Available worldwide at vanmoof.com from April 21 2020. Home deliveries start in May.

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