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Biggest pre-order in bike history rides high on global e-bike upsurge

Amsterdam -- April 18 2019 -- The numbers don't lie. VanMoof is leading the e-bike takeover, with the biggest bike pre-order ever – worth $33m and counting. The Amsterdam based tech-meets-bike company has sold over 11,000 of the new Electrified S2 & X2 city bikes since reservations went live in June 2018. Electrified urban commuters are at the forefront of a global e-bike explosion, with orders from San Francisco to Tokyo.

VanMoof attributes this success to the smart tech and forward-thinking design integrated into  every bike, and an industry-leading service ecosystem prioritizing direct customer connection. This innovation is fueling a tipping point in e-bike adoption, making e-bikes the most compelling commuter choice of the coming decade.

VanMoof’s Electrified S2 & X2 are packed with fine-tuned tech; the Stealth Lock makes bike keys a thing of the past; integrated multi-phase alarms scare off thieves; an intelligent motor and high-capacity battery maximizes range; and anti-theft location tracking reunites riders with missing bikes. And, if the worst does happen, VanMoof´s Bike Hunters will retrieve stolen bikes or replace them.

“Normal bike commuters travel an average of 3km to work, but with an e-bike that figure jumps to 20km. It opens up biking to a much wider demographic of city-dwellers, creating an enormous new opportunity. Almost 70% of people who purchased the S2 & X2 are now using the Electrified as their primary mode of transport. It’s one of the most exciting moments in 10 years of VanMoof history, and a revolution in city commuting.”

VanMoof co-founder Ties Carlier 

The Electrified S2 and X2 $800 early bird discount ends May 31.

Why 2018 was a watershed year for e-bikes: