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VanMoof launches new high-tech, thief-proof city bikes

VanMoof launches new high-tech, thief-proof city bikes

VanMoof Smart S & X remove common barriers to bike ownership – offering rider recognition and multiphase theft protection

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NEW YORK, 25 April 2018 - Today bike-meets-tech company VanMoof launches the new VanMoof Smart S and X bikes, their latest range of connected city bikes. Loyal to their owner and hostile towards anyone who tries to steal them, these bikes are jam-packed with attitude. The Smart range features integrated tech such as rider recognition and multi-phased theft defense. The VanMoof Smart range is now available in VanMoof shops worldwide and online starting from $898, or riders can subscribe to one of these bikes from just $19 a month.

8 Key features of the VanMoof Smart range:

Rider Recognition – Thanks to secured bluetooth technology, the bike responds when the owner is near, automatically disabling the theft defense system.

Ultimate Theft Defense – The bike responds with progressively louder warning sounds when tampered with, clearly telling the thief this bike is too dangerous to steal.

Comes with Bodyguards – When the location tracking mode is activated, VanMoof’s Bike Hunters are notified, the lights flash SOS, and all functions are disabled.

Tokyo-inspired X Frame – Originally a Japan exclusive, the feisty unisex X-frame is now available worldwide in a Smart version, suited to all riders between 155 and 200 cm.

Available on Subscriptions – Unlock these high-tech bikes from $19/month, including unlimited servicing and theft protection.

App – Remembers your parking location, controls the lights and theft defense settings. Free, over-the-air updates mean the bike gets smarter over time.

Self Sufficient – These bikes are designed to be practically maintenance-free, and all the electronics are automatically charged by your pedal power.

City Proof – Features all VanMoof signature elements: integrated high-power lights, hidden smarts, and enclosed self-tensioning chain.

Theft defense perfected through smart interconnected features

Over the past ten years, VanMoof has put considerable effort into tackling bike theft. To complement its unique Bike Hunter service, the company has developed a theft defense system which has been integrated into the new Smart range. The new Smart S and Smart X offer several features specifically designed to this effect:

  1. Sound - When a potential thief tampers with it, the bike emits warning sounds - thanks to the world-first integrated speaker system - which gets increasingly loud and more conspicuous. 
  2. Tracking - When reported stolen, the bike’s location is automatically sent to VanMoof Bike Hunters, who get to work tracking it down.  
  3. Lockdown mode - If stolen, all vital systems are disabled and the lights flash SOS in Morse code (alerting others) until the bike is reunited with its rightful owner.

"We can build bigger and tougher locks, or we can truly solve the problem by making our bikes terrifying to steal in the first place. Using smart technology we’ve created a bike that can take perfect care of itself, leaving no more worries for the rider." 

Ties Carlier, VanMoof Co-founder

Subscribe to your ride

The Smart S and Smart X are the first bikes available on VanMoof+, an innovative pay-as-you-go subscription service, starting from just $19/month. VanMoof+ subscriptions include unlimited maintenance and access to Peace of Mind, the theft protection service that ensures the company will find and replace stolen bikes.

“We build our bikes to stay on the road as long as possible. With VanMoof+, we want to prove that high-quality bikes with superior theft defense can be cheaper in the long run.” 

Taco Carlier, Co-founder VanMoof

Available now

The VanMoof Smart can be purchased in VanMoof brand stores worldwide and online at The bikes are available in S or  X-frame designs, 3 or 8 speed, in the colors Thunder Grey and Fog White. Retail prices start at $898, with an early-bird discount of $100 for the first 4 weeks. Full service subscriptions start from $19/month.

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About VanMoof

In 2009, Dutch brothers Taco and Ties Carlier founded VanMoof with a mission of reimagining how a bike should work in the cities of tomorrow. The company’s innovative city bikes are designed to help riders turn the tables on cities all over the world – they always arrive at their destination faster, fitter, happier and in style. VanMoof has Brandstores in Amsterdam, Berlin, Brooklyn, Taipei and Tokyo, and sells online all over the world. The functional design won many international awards, such as the EUROBIKE award, RED DOT design award and Fast Company Innovation By Design award. For the latest information on VanMoof, visit and follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

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