VanMoof takes on global disposable economy

VanMoof to introduce subscription model with a twist for its new collection of high tech bikes.

AMSTERDAM, 11 April 2018 - Today bike-meets-tech company VanMoof announces they will launch a subscription service called VanMoof+, tied to their soon-to-be-released collection of smart and electric bikes. Bike subscription plans start from $19 a month, and include full maintenance and access to VanMoof’s Peace of Mind theft protection service. VanMoof+ subscriptions have been designed to combat the disposable economy by making quality bikes accessible to a wider audience of global city-dwellers.

Removing barriers

Since it was founded a decade ago, VanMoof’s mission has been to get the next billion on bikes. Famous for reinventing the city bike with innovative improvements to lighting, locks, retail, and integrated smart technology, VanMoof is now flipping its business model upside-down to remove barriers of cost, maintenance and theft.

"We're tapping into the global demand for quality, and proving that tougher and smarter bikes are more affordable in the long run. We believe in a model that drives us to make better products, and compels us to take responsibility for the bike’s entire lifetime."

Ties Carlier, Co-founder VanMoof. 

Worry-free, pay-as-you-go

Different from dockless bike-sharing schemes that focus on short-haul bike trips, VanMoof+ riders will have exclusive access to their bike for as long as they choose to ride it. The service includes full maintenance as well as access to VanMoof’s Peace of Mind theft protectionservice, which guarantees the company will recover or replace any stolen VanMoof.

“Making quality bikes accessible gets more people out of the car or subway and onto a bike, which helps solve the traffic congestion faced by cities around the world. We’re able to take this step thanks to the durability of our bikes and their integrated smart technology.”

 Taco Carlier, Co-founder VanMoof. 

Buy the keys, not the bike

VanMoof+ riders pay an upfront ‘key fee’, giving them the keys to a VanMoof bike at a fraction of its normal cost. When riders are done with their subscription, they are able to on-sell the keys to another user, who then takes over the monthly subscription. With this scheme VanMoof incentivizes riders to take good care of their bikes, while ensuring the bikes stay on the road.

Ride around the world

VanMoof has brand stores in some of the world’s great cities, from New York to Tokyo, Berlin to London. VanMoof+ riders benefit from that global scale, with free use of a Smart or Electric bike for them and a friend when they travel to any one of these cities.

"We founded VanMoof after visiting New York and experiencing the thrill of discovering a new city by bike. Now we want to pass on that experience to as many riders as possible.”

Taco Carlier, Co-founder VanMoof

Subscriptions available 24 April

VanMoof's 2018 range will launch in two stages, with a Smart bike set to launch on April 24, and an updated Electrified later in May. Riders can subscribe to one of these new bikes with VanMoof+ at or in one of the VanMoof's seven stores worldwide.