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VanMoof breaks crowdfunding records

Crowdfunding campaign closed after reaching maximum of €2,5M in record time.

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AMSTERDAM, 24 October - Within 14 days after announcing our crowdfunding campaign, we hit the maximum of €2,5M, causing the campaign to automatically close. The campaign was scheduled to run a full six weeks until 14 November. More than 400 riders already pledged €1M within 48 hours after the campaign launched on 10 October. In total more than 1000 VanMoof fans and riders joined our team of investors.

"We felt the best way to grow VanMoof is with our riders and fans on board. The enthusiasm and support we've received launching the crowdfunding campaign is overwhelming. More than a thousand fans have invested. It's an amazing feeling to welcome them to the team!" 

Taco Carlier, co-founder VanMoof.

Fan-powered growth

This campaign came hot on the heels of the first external investment in VanMoof; a € 4M  investment made earlier last month by Slingshot. An opportunity to invest in a fast growing company like this is usually only available to larger investors. By opening a crowdfunding campaign, we made it possible for private individuals to invest starting from €250.

Global expansion

We'll be using the funding to keep our technological edge, scale up so we can get the next billion cycling, and of course, keep launching game-changing bikes. We're already busy with the preparations to open new flagship stores in San Francisco, London, Paris, and Kopenhagen. And re-opening in New York and Tokio. As soon as Spring 2018

The crowdfunding campaign ran from 10 October until 24 October. The campaign can be found at opc.to/2vanmoof