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Introducing the Boncho: The ultimate bike poncho

Beat the weather gods whenever they attack with Boncho, a bike poncho by VANMOOF.

Cycling apparel manufacturers have spent millions trying to perfect the wet weather jacket, but we thought we could do better. So we designed the ultimate poncho that would keep you dry while cycling.

Trending on Kickstarter

We introduced Boncho first on Kickstarter at the beginning of 2016. It proved to be an instant success as it achieved its goal of $15.000 within the first three days, becoming a top trending design campaign. Since then we've been selling the Boncho to city cyclists all over the world.

How it works

Giving you the peace of mind that you’ll stay dry, the Boncho is worn just like a traditional poncho. However, instead of limiting itself to your body, the firm frontal part of the Boncho sits across your arms and handlebars, keeping your legs dry at the same time. The Boncho can be folded up into itself and then explodes out like a pop-up tent. Keeping you prepared on even the raniest of days. The Boncho is totally water repellent as well as breathable and lightweight to keep you comfortable. Folding into its built-in pouch, the Boncho remains inconspicuous and out of the way until you need it.

The Boncho is designed specifically for city cycling that we created together with designers Vicky & Shane. Order your Boncho now via vanmoof.com.