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VanMoof announces global service expansion across 50 cities

Dutch e-bike brand sets a new industry standard for customer service and strengthens its position as leader in its field

Amsterdam, March 17, 2021 - Yesterday evening, Founder and CEO of VanMoof, Taco Carlier announced the expansion of the brand’s service footprint at SXSW 2021. VanMoof shared plans to expand its physical presence from 8 to 50 cities as part of its core global strategy, strengthening its position as the e-bike industry leader. Living up to a tenacious habit of setting new precedents in the industry, VanMoof has now turned its attention to redefining customer service and experience. Following its recent hypergrowth set in motion by the global bike boom, best-in-class service is the next step in VanMoof’s mission to get the next billion on bikes and reinvent the way people move.

Redefining service 

The global rollout will see VanMoof open a network of state-of-the-art Service Hubs and certified partner workshops over the next six months (full list below). This, combined with more intuitive app support and remote diagnostic solutions, is VanMoof’s response to what its riders want and need. VanMoof is making service its number one priority with a revamped ecosystem built entirely around its riders. It comes at a crucial time for VanMoof, with e-bike sales more than tripling in the last 12 months. To date, VanMoof has over 150,000 riders globally. That’s a fivefold increase in riders since 2019, a growth that calls for smarter measures – both online and offline – to achieve truly next-level service. VanMoof’s goal is to offer on-demand and on-the-spot service at all times to all riders, no matter where they are.

“We’ve spent the second half of 2020 listening to our riders and redesigning our service offering on digital channels. Now we’re ready to implement the physical service experience worldwide.” 

Taco Carlier, Co-founder of VanMoof.

Since the launch of VanMoof’s flagship S3 & X3 in April 2020, the brand has been closely monitoring rider feedback in order to identify areas of improvement. The expanded physical presence and seamless service integration is what VanMoof riders asked for the most.

“Reducing our reliance on cars and instilling the confidence to change-up your commute habits requires a robust service fallback for your new ride. Only then will we reach a critical mass turning point that transforms our cities.” 

Ties Carlier, Co-founder of VanMoof.

From 8 to 50 cities

VanMoof will expand its physical presence from 8 to 50 cities over the course of the next six months. To provide the convenient and best-in-class service outside of Brand Store cities, the global service expansion involves opening 14 state-of-the-art Service Hubs across Europe, the US, and Japan. Each will offer test rides, check-ups, and repairs of all kinds. VanMoof will also be partnering with over 60 certified partner workshops, each hand-picked and trained to provide the highest standard of service for the S3 & X3 bikes. “The goal is to provide the best possible experience to our riders, no matter where they’re located,” explains co-founder Taco Carlier.

Ride the future together

With a powerful motor, automatic electronic gear shifting, and integrated anti-theft technology, the VanMoof S3 & X3 are custom-tuned for the ultimate riding experience. Its range of e-bikes isn’t just the most innovative and powerful VanMoof has ever made. It’s set to revolutionize the way people move around cities forever. The high performance VanMoof electric S3 & X3 open the road to the latest rideable tech at £1798. Available worldwide in VanMoof brand stores and at vanmoof.com.

About VanMoof

VanMoof was founded in 2009 by Taco and Ties Carlier, two Dutch brothers with a vision of the perfect city bike. Now its bikes are changing cities and leading the current wave of people choosing e-bikes. VanMoof's sleek, multi-award winning rides offer a high-tech and feature-rich experience for a devoted worldwide community of 150,000 riders and growing. The iconic integrated frames mirror a fully integrated end-to-end company that has upended the bike industry by taking complete ownership of everything from design to production, from sales to after-service. One of Europe's fastest growing companies, VanMoof is on course to redefine the future of urban mobility and get the next billion on bikes. VanMoof brand stores can be found in Amsterdam, Berlin, London, New York, Paris, San Francisco, Seattle and Tokyo, with expansion planned to 50 cities worldwide through dedicated Service Hubs by the end of 2021. Available at vanmoof.com.