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Online Return Form

Order details
Please enter your email address and order number for the item(s) you’d like to return.
Email Address
Sales Order Number
Items to return
Please select the items you’d like to return, and your reason for returning them. Don’t be shy – we’re big fans of rider feedback
Items you'd like to return:
Selected For Refund
Reason for return:
Additional feedback
Please note: VanMoof+ subscription bikes can’t be returned online. Please bring your bike to a VanMoof brand store.
Pick-up details
Please enter your contact information, and the address you’d like to have your item(s) picked up from.
Your contact information:
Your bank details
Looks like you purchased one or more items in a VanMoof brand store. Please enter your IBAN (International Bank Account Number) so we know where to send your refund.
Bank Account Number
Automatic refund available
We will refund you using the payment method you used to purchase your product(s).
Got a box?
Do you have the original packaging (or similar) to ship your return item(s) in?
Yes — I'm ready to pack
No — I need a new box
Please note: If you need a new box, we can send you one! We’ll just deduct €25 from your refund.
We don't have any questions for you anymore.
We can only accept returns of orders shipped less than 30 days ago
Your order only contains subscription items. VanMoof+ subscription bikes cannot be returned online. Please bring your bike to a VanMoof brand store or contact our Support Team.
That order doesn't contain any items that are eligible for return online. Please contact VanMoof Support or visit a store for more help.
We’re drawing a blank
We can’t find any orders associated with that email address or order number. Please double-check that you entered them correctly, and contact VanMoof support if you think there’s a mistake.
Our server is a little lazy, and took to long to respond to your request, please try again.
Sales Order Number
All orders have a unique Sales Order Number, which tells us exactly what you ordered and when.
It looks something like this:

You can find it in your order confirmation email. It’s also printed on your order invoice.
Why can’t I change this?
We can only pick up returns items in the country they originally shipped to. If you’ve moved abroad since receiving your order, please contact VanMoof support.
Why can’t I select this?
This item has either been previously returned, is no longer returnable, or is a subscription product which needs to be returned to a VanMoof brand store.
It looks like you input an invalid bank account number.
You’re ready to start packing!
Keep an eye on your inbox, we’ll send you a return confirmation you'll get an email with your return shipping label and instructions from our shipping partner.

Make sure to follow our handy guide to prepare your VanMoof for shipping.
New box incoming!
You’ll receive a Track & Trace link when the new box leaves our warehouse. After the box has arrived, you'll get an email with your return shipping label and instructions to arrange the pick up – keep an eye on your inbox!

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