The VanMoof Revolution

The VanMoof Revolution

VanMoof was started by two Dutch brothers who wanted to develop the kinds of bikes that got people from A to B, without the fuss.

Now we're a team of riders, designers, dreamers and doers united by one goal: to help you get around your city faster, smarter, happier, and in utmost style.

In our native city of Amsterdam, commuting by bike is a normal part of the daily routine, and we believe with the right bikes it can be the same in every city around the world. We want to make cycling effortless, not exclusive. That's why our bikes are maintenance-light, weatherproof and hassle-free. Theft, hills, traffic or safety - if there's something getting between you and cycling, chances are we've already found a solution for it.

New York, Barcelona, Bangkok, Tokyo or Sydney – wherever you live and work, we'd like to think a VanMoof will make your commute the best part of your day.