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How it works

How it works

The VanMoof Electrified X is specifically made for Japan, and you're one of the first people in the world to see it! If you reserve an Electrified X for ¥20,000, you'll be first in line to get one before anyone else, with an incredible discount.

Here's how our reservation program works:

1) You pay ¥20,000 to reserve your bike

Reserve your own Electrified X, for delivery from March 2018, with a fee of ¥20,000. We'll authorize your credit card for the remaining amount, but we won't charge it.

2) Wait for us to get in touch

We'll start producing the earliest Electrified X bikes, and keep in touch with you leading up to when they ship later this year.

3) Ready to ship

When your bike is ready, we'll charge the remaining balance to your card. If it's successful, we'll send you an email and ship your bike to you within 3 weeks. If it doesn't succeed, our customer care team will be in touch, but you'll need to make sure the amount is available on the same card you used for your reservation, or you might lose your spot in line.

4) Happy riding!

Your bike arrives on your doorstep, almost fully assembled. You're one of the first people in the world with an Electrified X!

Have any questions? Our support team would be happy to answer them, so just head over here.