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Electrified S x Taco Carlier

Electrified S x Taco Carlier

Most people move house to live closer to their office. Not VanMoof co-founder, Taco Carlier. “I didn’t commute for a few years because my front door was ten meters from my office. I missed that ride to work, and what it did for my happiness and productivity, so after three years I packed up my stuff and moved to a new apartment on the edge of Amsterdam.”

Officially, Taco’s A to B is from Amsterdam’s new north-east quarter to his office at VanMoof’s HQ, but unofficially his commute can take him to any part of Amsterdam’s 219km2. “I was once told that Amsterdam has such a large creative entrepreneurial community because of the city’s strong cycling culture. I really believe that’s true. I’m so much more productive and inspired on a bike.” Taco reckons if it wasn’t for his Electrified S, he’d never get so much done in a day. He can race from meeting to meeting without breaking a sweat, never gets stuck in traffic, and gets a brain-boost of oxygen along the way.

Taco is convinced his bike of choice, the Electrified S, will revolutionize a category so often known for its noisy engines, heavy frames and bad design. “It’s unbelievably fast - it makes me feel like I have super powers.” He’s hoping that electric-assist bikes, when designed right, will be a game-changer for getting more people out of cars and onto bikes, in cities that come with big hills, hot climates, and longer commuting distances.

Shanghai, Berlin, Paris, London or New York - no matter where his job takes him, you’ll find Taco commuting by bike. “There is only one thing I love more than riding around Amsterdam by bike and that’s traveling through other cities by bike. I was in Brooklyn last year for a month, and when I was riding my bike I felt like a total local.”

No matter where he wakes up in the world, Taco readily admits he’s not a morning person. His routine is as no-nonsense as the bikes VanMoof sells; “I can sum up my morning routine in three words - shower, eat, ride. I wake up on my bike”. Luckily for him, in Amsterdam he gets to wake up along one of Amsterdam’s most beautiful shopping streets and past one of the oldest Zoos in Europe, Artis. And if he needs a kick of caffeine along the way, Taco takes a quick detour to Helena Primakoff, which comes with the kind of sun-baked terrace that’s perfect for an early-morning coffee. Not a bad way to start another busy day.

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