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Electrified S: Rider Stories & Reviews

Electrified S: Rider Stories & Reviews

Electric bike in Amsterdam

João, Porto

"I've had a black Electrified S for six months after selling my car and it's my only vehicle. "

"The design is great, engine and electrical part also works good until now. It turns heads when I'm commuting. The price is fair considering what is offered."

E-bike in the Netherlands

Danny, Jersey

"Not only does the bike look good, it rides well and has been built with an urban commuter in mind."

"The front wheel motor is more than sufficient to get you around, and whizzing past other cyclists with the electric assist mode on high is fun without breaking too much of a sweat, which is useful when tackling inclines and headwinds. In Jersey, I was pleasantly surprised with how the bike’s electric motor handled the majority of inclines, the island’s terrain is 50/50 when it comes to flats and inclines and for a front wheel motor with the added boost button, it did well.​"

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Dutch bike design

Geert, Leiden

"My car used to be the default choice for traveling, but it has changed now. Whenever possible, I choose the bike now."

"My Electrified S is now my preferred way of moving from A to B, if distance allows. Riding the bike is pure fun and it is very balanced at both low and high speeds. Everyone who sees the bike is flabbergasted. Nobody actually believes it's an e-bike and they really like the design.​"

Electric bike review

Pete, Orange County

"It’s only been a week and I’ve already ridden her over 80 miles. "

"While she’s not cheap, I’d recommend her to anyone who wants to save money on car maintenance and gas. Not only will she help you get wealthier, she’ll improve your health and leave behind zero carbon. Plus she’ll climb those hills for you like they’re nothing.​"​

Ebike in the Netherlands

Olivier, Frankfurt

"When was the last time I was that fast on a bike? Must be years!"

"I start to ride and the feeling is quite like a normal bike. Oh wait! I had deactivated the power assistance while playing with the app. A short stop at the next traffic light to change this. Oh my god! What a feeling! Some seconds later I look at the speed i am riding on: 25 Km/h!" uses both its own and third-party cookies for technical, analytical and marketing purposes. By using our site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Please consult our Privacy Policy.