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Electrified S Straight frame

from $2,198

Be secretly superpowered

Speed ​​freaks, tech nuts and commuters rejoice. The Electrified S was made for you. This revolutionary electric bike will give you a superman-like feeling, while hiding all its smarts inside the sleekest, lightest frame out there. It's smartphone-connected and comes with an arsenal of anti-theft features that'll put your local bike thief out of business.

  • 50 - 120 km range
  • Anti-theft location tracking
  • Rider height: 170 cm - 210 cm
  • Available colours

Electrified S x Taco Carlier

Most people move house to live closer to their office. Not VanMoof co-founder, Taco Carlier.

The story

Your A to B, superpowered.

We believe no hill, headwind or extra mile should stop you getting across town. The VanMoof Electrified S will help you go twice as fast with minimal effort, and get you across Manhattan five times on a single charge.

Electric motor

Bad news bike thieves.

We've designed a tracking system we hope will eliminate bike theft forever. Should your bike get stolen, simply report it stolen through the smartphone app and we'll help you and your local police force track it down.

Smart on the inside.

The VanMoof Electrified S ships with its own smartphone app so you power it up, light it up, and lock it down with the tap of a finger.

Smartphone app

Sleek on the outside.

Just because it's an electric bike, doesn't mean it has to look (or feel) like one. At 18.4kg the VanMoof Electrified S is one of the lightest electric bikes out there, and because we've tucked all the tech into the bike no one will even know you're riding an electric.

Integrated tech

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