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Ready to outsmart any city, anywhere

Better kiss your stressful commute, spandex riding gear and sweaty rides goodbye, because VanMoof city bikes make every A to B effortless. Smart and tough with built-in theft defense, they’re putting bike thieves out of business everywhere. And do you hear that? It’s the sound of e-bike stereotypes shattering as our sleek, superpowered Electrified rides through.

Smart S

Loves you, hates thieves, and makes noise. The ballsy S can take care of itself, thanks.

Meet the S

Smart X

The agile X has attitude to spare. Hop on and turn the city into your playground.

Meet the X

Electrified S

Smash through headwinds. Speed up your commute. It’s literally no sweat with our secretly superpowered e-bike.

Meet the Electrified S

Monthly subscriptions Get flexible. Ride a new Smart bike for as long (or short) as you like, with perks like free repairs and theft protection.

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