Rear Carrier for S2 Frame

Rear Carrier 28″ Electrified S2


This hard-working, lightweight and minimal rear carrier has been designed to industry standards. It's strong enough to carry up to 15kg, and can be assembled easily by you or your local bike store.

ABUS wheel lock chain

Abus wheel lock chain


The perfect companion for your Abus 5650 wheel lock - it slots right in to provide an easy and secure lock every time. This chain requires the Abus 5650, and is not able to be used on its own.

Charger for Electrified S2

Charger for Electrified S2


Give your Electrified S2 battery some juice with this 36V 2A wall charger. Perfect for keeping in the office, or taking on the go.

VanMoof Air Suspension Saddle

VanMoof Air Suspension Saddle


Our custom saddle is as hard-wearing as it is comfortable, with a waterproof coating that shrugs off everything from drizzles to downpours.

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