VanMoof Waitress Set

VanMoof Waitress Set for S Frame


This carrier is as hard-working as it is good-looking. It's built from robust aluminum and wood, and is designed to carry up to 10 kg.

VanMoof Naked Carrier

VanMoof Naked Carrier for S Frame


The Naked carrier is as simple as it gets. As well as being the base for all our carriers, it also comes with four attachment points so with a bit of creativity you can fit just about any other carrier on there. It also extends your integrated VanMoof front light to make sure you're seen, no matter what you're carrying.

VanMoof Waitress Carrier

VanMoof Waitress Carrier for S Frame


This carrier is as hard-working as it is good-looking. It's built from robust aluminum and wood, and is designed to carry up to 10 kg. Not compatible with the Electrified S2. Out of stock – ships in January.

VanMoof Bambooman Carrier

VanMoof Bambooman Carrier for S Frame


This sleek wooden carrier is finished with an outer layer of bamboo, and comes with two elastic cords that can be attached to different notches. It's strong enough to carry up to 10kg.

VanMoof Rear Carrier for Straight Frame (2017)

VanMoof Rear Carrier for S Frame


This hard-working carrier has been designed to industry standards, so it fits almost all standard rear carrier bags. It's strong enough to take loads of up to 15kg. For bike purchases after 11 Nov 2017. The Rear Carrier will be available for purchase at the end of May.

Stem Riser

Stem Riser


If you prefer your handlebars a little higher, our Stem Riser allows a more upright riding position on all VanMoof bikes. Not compatible with the Electrified S2/X2.

ABUS wheel lock chain

Abus wheel lock chain


The perfect companion for your Abus 5650 wheel lock - it slots right in to provide an easy and secure lock every time. This chain requires the Abus 5650, and is not able to be used on its own.

Ursus Double-Leg Kickstand

Ursus Double-Leg Kickstand


We highly recommend you add this robust kickstand to your VanMoof if you're using a child seat or taking heavy loads in your front carrier.

Cycling raincoat with hood - Boncho - Grey

Boncho Grey S


The VanMoof Boncho is the (really good looking) love-child of a pop-up tent and a rain poncho. 

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