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There’s a reason we stand out.

Actually, there are five.

We’re obsessed with cities

So are our bikes. Truly city-proof, they shrink long commutes, defend themselves against thieves, battle hills and headwinds, and make you feel like a straight-up superhero. No wonder cities around the world are scrambling to build more bike lanes.

We ride outside the box

What happens when you combine inventive built-from-scratch parts with the latest tech? Revolutionary stuff. The theft defense system we build into our bikes, for instance, is kicking bike thieves out of business. And our slick, secretly superpowered Electrified has shattered all stereotypes of what an e-bike should look or ride like.

We don’t do disposable

Fast food, fast fashion...we don’t think fast bikes belong on that list. We’re fighting disposable by building VanMoof bikes tougher and smarter, so they stay on the road longer. This year, we raised the stakes and gave ourselves an extra challenge: could we prove a quality bike is more affordable than a crappy bike in the long run?
Spoiler alert: we did it.

Fight disposable with us

We’ve got your back

From choosing your bike, to riding it from A to B (or Z), to keeping it ship-shape, to finding it back if it’s stolen—we think the whole shebang should be completely, delightfully effortless.
That’s why when you buy or subscribe to a VanMoof, it comes with a dedicated pit crew of experts. Our handy Bike Doctors keep you and your bike riding happy, and our ruthless Bike Hunters will track your stolen bike all the way to Casablanca, if they have to.

Watch the Bike Hunters

We’re unstoppable

We were born in Amsterdam, city cycling capital of the world. But these days, VanMoof riders zip their way through Tokyo, Berlin, San Francisco, London, Paris, Taipei, and an exploding number of cities around the globe. Maybe you’ve spotted them? They’re the ones who get where they’re going a little faster, happier, and smarter than the rest.

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