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What makes a VanMoof?

What makes a VanMoof?

Our bikes look unlike any bike you've ever seen, but that's just the beginning. Here's what makes your VanMoof, and our company, so different.

It starts with the parts.

We'll let you in on an industry secret. Most city bikes are made with 2% custom parts - the other 98% come from a catalogue. We wanted to make the best city bike in the world, which meant we had two options - wait years for the bike industry to develop the revolutionary parts we needed, or make them ourselves. Today almost 80% of a VanMoof is dreamed, designed and created by us. From our high-powered integrated lights, to our anodised aluminium frame, these parts are why our bikes look better, ride smoother, and last longer.

Comes with its own coders, hunters and doctors.

We don't just ship you a great bike. We care about your entire city-cycling experience. That's why we've hired in-house teams of BikeCoders to make your VanMoof smarter, BikeHunters to bring your VanMoof back to you when it gets stolen, and BikeDoctors to keep your VanMoof running like clockwork.

City bikes, and only city bikes

We think it's crazy that city bikes basically haven't changed since 1817, when all cyclists had to worry about was the occasional horse-drawn carriage. We see it as our responsibility to revolutionise city bikes for today's concrete jungles, with their gridlocked traffic, smart thieves, and urban headwinds.

Man is riding the fastest electric bike

Ready to ride?