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Electrified S2 & X2: €3,398

Buy now for €3,398
[ { "id":"1", "label":"Seat tube", "measurement":"50 cm", "x":"42.7", "y":"50.1", "angle":"72.3", "size":"24.3" }, { "id":"2", "label":"Top tube", "measurement":"58.8 cm", "x":"51.8", "y":"33.6", "angle":"0", "size":"28.6" }, { "id":"3", "label":"Head tube", "measurement":"27.5 cm", "x":"66.8", "y":"36.1", "angle":"72.3", "size":"10" }, { "id":"4", "label":"Wheel base", "measurement":"106 cm", "x":"51.5", "y":"60", "angle":"0", "size":"51" }, { "id":"5", "label":"Stand-over height", "measurement":"71.2 cm", "x":"38", "y":"58", "angle":"90", "size":"34.5" } ]
[ { "id":"1", "label":"Seat tube", "measurement":"58.7 cm", "x":"41.3", "y":"45.5", "angle":"72.3", "size":"25" }, { "id":"2", "label":"Top tube", "measurement":"61.5 cm", "x":"51.3", "y":"29.6", "angle":"0", "size":"31" }, { "id":"3", "label":"Head tube", "measurement":"15.3 cm", "x":"67.8", "y":"35.1", "angle":"72.3", "size":"13" }, { "id":"4", "label":"Wheel base", "measurement":"111.3 cm", "x":"50.1", "y":"57.5", "angle":"0", "size":"54" }, { "id":"5", "label":"Stand-over height", "measurement":"86.2 cm", "x":"36", "y":"54.6", "angle":"90", "size":"42.6" } ]

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The Electrified X2 comfortably sits riders 155 cm to 200 cm tall.


    The Electrified S2 comfortably sits riders 170 cm to 210 cm tall.

      Shipped straight to your door, here’s how easy it is to set up your bike and get riding.

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      Take a ride on the wild side

      Experience the Electrified for yourself with a test ride.

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      Turbo Boost

      Addictive on-demand acceleration at the push of a button.

      Stealth Lock

      Instantly lock and arm with a single kick. Boom, maximum security.

      Intelligent Motor

      Smarter power control gives you more range than ever before.

      Matrix Display

      166 LEDs literally light up the frame for an interactive ride.

      Invisible Battery

      Just say where. This baby's 504Wh capacity will take you there.

      Rider Stories Get rolling with our international Rider Stories, and see how the Electrified S2 & X2 are upgrading commutes all over the world.

      Watch now

      Technical specifications

      Brilliant basics
      • Coated aluminum
      • Thunder Gray | Fog White
      • 19 kg
      • S2: 28” | Anodized aluminum rims | Stainless steel spokes, X2: 24” | Anodized aluminum rims | Stainless steel spokes
      • S2: Schwalbe Big Ben puncture-protected tires, X2: Schwalbe Big Apple puncture-protected tires
      • 40 Lux automatic LED lighting system
      • Integrated automatic 2-speed
      • Front and rear mechanical disc brakes
      • One-piece adjustable handlebar and stem
      • Fully enclosed drivetrain | Automatic chain-tensioning system
      • Air suspension saddle
      • S2: 170 cm - 210 cm, X2: 155 cm - 200 cm
      • 2 years
      The techy stuff
      • 32 km/h (US settings)
      • 60km (full power) ~ 150km (economy mode)
      • 250-500W front-wheel hub motor | 4 power levels
      • 504Wh capacity | Integrated LG cell | Removable for servicing
      • 36V, 4A | 4 hours for full charge | 80 minutes for 50% charge
      • Integrated display | Speed, battery level, and power level
      • Aggressive on-demand acceleration
      • High-frequency smart bell | System and alarm sounds
      • Encrypted Bluetooth and GSM connectivity | Rider recognition | Over-the-air firmware updates
      • Smart stealth lock | Integrated theft defense system | Automatic rider recognition | Manual disarm with personal code | Anti-theft nuts and bolts | GSM and Bluetooth theft tracking
      • IOS and Android compatible | Adjustable rider preferences | Alarm settings | Find your parking location

      Electrified S2 & X2: €3,398

      Buy now for €3,398

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