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Vanmoof Standard Straight White bike Standard Straight (2017)
Perfect city bike with a Straight Frame

Standard Straight Frame

From €1,098
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They say it takes 10,000 hours to master a skill.
Try 100,000 hours.

VanMoof founders Taco and Ties built the first iconic Standard Straight bike from scratch in just one year. Then they spent the next 7 years obsessively refining it into what it is today: the perfect city bike.

Lightweight bike with Straight Frame

Lean, mean, and city-proof

This bike has zero body fat—every single part exists to help you dominate the city. The sleek, lightweight aluminum frame fights off rust, with built-in lights that’ll never shatter or run out of juice. Completely integrated gears guarantee you a winning commute, whether you’re in flat Amsterdam or hilly San Francisco, and anti-theft nuts and bolts protect all the parts thieves love most.

VanMoof saddle with the integrated seat clamp

All in(tegrated)

We’re a sucker for clean lines and protected parts. That’s why we’ve integrated the gears in the rear wheel hub, and tucked the lights (and the wires powering them) securely into the frame. Even the seat clamp is integrated, making the saddle virtually unstealable.

Tough and durable chain guard for drivetrain protection

Less fuss, more hustle

Hate maintenance? We got you. A super tough, durable chain guard protects your drivetrain from the wear and tear of rain, grime, and road salt. Our revolutionary chain tensioner takes it one step further, adjusting your chain automatically and eliminating the need for tune-ups.* You’re welcome.

*On 3 and 8-speed

Perfect city bike

One of a kind

With 80% of our parts invented in-house, we’re a rarity in the bike industry. We can’t help it. Take industrial designers, add mad inventors, and you’re bound to get innovative custom parts.

Our air cushion saddle, for example, is covered with the same tough material motorcycle suits are made of, and our foam grips were inspired by the way a golf club fits in your hands.

VanMoof integrated LEDs without batteries and ON/OFF button

The brighter the better

No batteries, no ON/OFF button. These always-on lights shine the second you start pedalling. As tough as airport runway lights and as bright as most motorized vehicles, the powerful integrated LEDs do double duty lighting up your route and keeping you seen.



Frame Anodized (asphalt) or coated (fog) aluminum frame Colours Asphalt Black, Fog White Lights Integrated, automatic dynamo-powered LED lighting system Wheels 28” wheels Tires High puncture-protection tires (28” 42-622) Gears Internal gear hub; 3-speed Sturmey Archer with twist shifter, 8-speed Shimano Alfine with trigger shifter Brakes Coaster brake (single speed), front and rear mechanical disc brake (3-speed, 8-speed) Handlebars Semi-upright riding position Rider height 170 cm - 210 cm (handlebar height is adjustable with additional stem riser) Chain Fully enclosed anti-rust chain with auto chain tensioner (3-speed, 8-speed) Saddle Air suspension saddle Security Anti-theft nuts and bolts Weight 1 Speed: 12.5 kg; 3 Speed: 14 kg; 8 Speed: 14.9 kg
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From pain in the ass to absolute pleasure