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[ { "id":"1", "label":"Seat tube", "measurement":"50 cm", "x":"42.7", "y":"50.1", "angle":"72.3", "size":"24.3" }, { "id":"2", "label":"Top tube", "measurement":"58.8 cm", "x":"51.8", "y":"33.6", "angle":"0", "size":"28.6" }, { "id":"3", "label":"Head tube", "measurement":"27.5 cm", "x":"66.8", "y":"36.1", "angle":"72.3", "size":"10" }, { "id":"4", "label":"Wheel base", "measurement":"106 cm", "x":"51.5", "y":"60", "angle":"0", "size":"51" }, { "id":"5", "label":"Stand-over height", "measurement":"71.2 cm", "x":"38", "y":"58", "angle":"90", "size":"34.5" } ]
[ { "id":"1", "label":"Seat tube", "measurement":"58.7 cm", "x":"41.3", "y":"45.5", "angle":"72.3", "size":"25" }, { "id":"2", "label":"Top tube", "measurement":"61.5 cm", "x":"51.3", "y":"29.6", "angle":"0", "size":"31" }, { "id":"3", "label":"Head tube", "measurement":"15.3 cm", "x":"67.8", "y":"35.1", "angle":"72.3", "size":"13" }, { "id":"4", "label":"Wheel base", "measurement":"111.3 cm", "x":"50.1", "y":"57.5", "angle":"0", "size":"54" }, { "id":"5", "label":"Stand-over height", "measurement":"86.2 cm", "x":"36", "y":"54.6", "angle":"90", "size":"42.6" } ]

Find your fit


The Electrified X2 comfortably sits riders 155 cm to 200 cm tall.


    The Electrified S2 comfortably sits riders 170 cm to 210 cm tall.

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