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VanMoof SmartBike Straight Frame Black
VanMoof LED front light built into the frame
VanMoof LED rear light built into the frame
VanMoof Smart Bike Grey in London

SmartBike Straight frame

From £998

Smart enough to survive the city.

If your bike is going to beat everything the concrete jungle throws at it, it can't just be tough. It needs to be smart too. That's why we took the iconic VanMoof bike and gave it a brain that outsmarts everything from keys to bike thieves.

  • 3 Speed or 8 Speed
  • Rider height: 170 - 210 cm
  • GSM anti-theft tracking
  • Smartphone connected
  • Touch unlock
  • Available colours
The smart bike integrated chain lock

Lose your keys.

You'll never have to fumble with 'em again, thanks to Touch Unlock technology. Your SmartBike uses Bluetooth to recognise you and you alone. Simply touch the display screen to pop out the integrated chain lock (included with your SmartBike, valued at €90).

Touch Unlock
Smartphone-connected smart bike

Smarter today than it was yesterday.

Most bikes get rustier and squeakier over time. The SmartBike does the exact opposite. It's smartphone-connected and packed with tech, so you'll wake up some mornings to a bike that's smarter than it was yesterday.

SmartBike with anti-theft nuts and screws

Terrifying to thieves.

We've protected the parts that thieves love the most with anti-theft nuts and screws, and equipped your SmartBike with GSM and Bluetooth tracking so if a thief does get their hands on it, you can track it down.

Bike anti theft service

Want total peace of mind?

We know bike thieves are your public enemy #1, which is why we've got your back with our Peace of Mind Service. It helps you sleep at night. It's also an ironclad guarantee that if your bike gets stolen, our team of ruthless Bike Hunters will track it down. If we can't recover it for you within two weeks, we'll replace it.

From $7 a month
What's in the box

What's in the box

Key remote Pedals Reflectors Chain lock + bag (valued at €90) Manual

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