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The VanMoof Revolution

We're a team of riders, designers, dreamers and doers united by one goal: to help you get around your city faster, smarter, happier, and in utmost style.

Our story
Bikehunting in Casablanca

The bike with bodyguards

Our Bike Hunters spend their days crisscrossing the globe to recover stolen VanMoof bikes. In their latest hunt, they tracked a stolen SmartBike to Casablanca, Morocco…and uncovered a bigger bike theft operation than anyone imagined.

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The light frame of Electrified S bike

Eats headwinds for breakfast

Our goal with the VanMoof Electrified S was simple: create an electric bike that looks, and feels, nothing like your typical electric bike.

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Limited Edition White SmartBike

Very Limited Edition SmartBike

This bright white SmartBike nails brains and beauty, but we only made 100 of them!

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Show us your #VanMoof

Taco Carlier

Electrified S x Taco Carlier

Most people move house to live closer to their office. Not VanMoof co-founder, Taco Carlier.

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