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VanMoof Insights

The world is changing. Find out how VanMoof riders are making an impact around the globe.

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Find out how the world is changing

People are switching to e-bikes faster than the market can meet demand. This is changing what our cities look like and how we move around them. We'd like to share insights about the impact VanMoof riders are making. Choose a country below and see how VanMoof riders and local government are changing the countries and cities of tomorrow.


The Netherlands
The Netherlands is the country with the quickest journeys, averaging only 14 minutes per ride.

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Germany is the country with the most e-bike kilometers ridden. Over 200 German cities are in love with our e-bikes.

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Paris has built 700 kilometers of bike lanes since 2014 and have big plans for the future.

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United Kingdom
If commuters replaced their current car usage with e-bikes it could save up to 30 million tonnes of carbon per year.

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Rest of the world

Japan is the country with the shortest rides, averaging 3.5 kilometers per ride.

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The United States
Americans take the longest trips of all e-bike users around the world, averaging 21 minutes per ride.

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