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Ride the future. Together.

Want to inspire your employees to choose to ride to work instead of drive? Discover how.

Discover how

Ride the future with your company

With our E-Bike Program, you can hit the Turbo Boost on employee satisfaction levels and help create positive impact in your city.

No stress, just effortless urban mobility.

With the VanMoof E-Bike Program, your employees can subscribe to one of our iconic e-bikes jam-packed with the latest tech, and make the most of our full coverage theft and maintenance plan – to ensure they ride carefree.

Ready to go?

In a nutshell: our e-bike programs are all about getting as many employees riding while being as 'light' on businesses as possible. For a fixed monthly fee we take care of maintenance, and even recover the bikes in case they get stolen. Sounds like your kind of ride? Leave your details, and we'll be in touch.

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$89/month per employee
$79/month per employee
Number of bikes

Join the global brands who roll with us

The VanMoof E-Bike Programs are designed for the world's greatest brands, supporting our mission to change the way we move forever.

Ace & Tate

"Having a beautiful bike that aligns with our creative perspective of the world is something which massively inspires us."

Loreal Ace and Tate Calvin Klein Maker St
Tommy Hilfiger Heineken TomTom