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VanMoof's electric bikes

It's time to ride the future

Intelligent power. Maximum comfort. Complete control.

VanMoof X3
Buy €1.998
vanmoof x3 side dark x3 bike side
  • Rider height 155 - 200cm
  • Wheels 24"
Explore X3 Explore X3
VanMoof S3
Buy €1.998
vanmoof s3 light side dark vanmoof s3 side
  • Rider height 170 - 210cm
  • Wheels 28"
Explore S3 Explore S3


  • Frame

    Coated aluminum

  • Colors
    • Dark Image removed.
    • Light Image removed.
  • Weight

    21 kg


  • Handlebars
    • One-piece adjustable handlebar and stem

  • Brakes
    • Front and rear integrated hydraulic braking system

  • Gears
    • Four speed automatic e-shifter

  • Chain
    • Fully enclosed drivetrain

    • Automatic tensioning system

  • Saddle
    • One-piece design

  • Tires
    • Premium tires with puncture protection

  • Wheels
    • Anodized aluminium rims

    • Stainless steel spokes

e-bike shifter zoomed in

Mobile App

vanmoof app icon
      • iOS and Android compatible

      • Adjustable rider preferences

      • Alarm and unlock settings

      • Set custom gear shift moments

      • Report stolen

      • Remote lockdown mode


  • Motor


    Front-wheel hub motor

    4 power levels

  • Range

    60-150 km

    Full power ~ Economy mode

  • Battery

    504 Wh

    Integrated LG cell

    User removable for servicing

  • Charger

    36v 4A

    Fully charge in four hours

    50% charge in 80 minutes

bike frame


bike lock app view
      • Smart Kick Lock

      • Integrated Theft Defense

      • Automatic Rider Recognition

      • Manual disarm with backup code

      • Anti-theft nuts and bolts

      • GSM and Bluetooth location tracking


  • Rear carrier

    This hard-working, lightweight rear carrier extends your cargo capacity.

  • Child seat

    Share the ride with your little one.

  • Pannier bag

    The perfect size for your everyday essentials – snaps onto your rear carrier.

VanMoof Rear Carrier on X3

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Take the VanMoof S3 & X3 e-bikes for a test ride

Book a socially distanced test ride and go hands-on with our new e-bikes' high-tech features.

Staying home? We bring the future to your door, with mobile test rides in selected cities.

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More information about VanMoof’s electric bikes

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We’ve always been convinced that electric bikes will eventually replace cars on city roads. In cities like Amsterdam and Copenhagen, over 40% of their residents commute by bike. And in areas where cycling isn’t so effortless, thousands of new riders are discovering the power of electric biking.

In this way, e-bicycles are going to change our cities forever, making them greener and healthier for everyone. Cycling has never been so accessible – even without dedicated bike paths and a lifetime of practice, a pedal-assist bike gives riders the confidence to bike farther than ever before.

At the end of the day, bikes are just tools. And VanMoof works to give people the best tools possible, so they can make the future a better place. A future where people can get around town faster, smarter, and cleaner.

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We’ve drawn upon 10 years of restless innovation to create our new range of e-bike, and they’re packed with industry-leading features that make your life easier.

E-shifter: Now you don’t have to think about changing gears – the four-speed E-shifter works in tandem with the integrated Smart Cartridge to switch gears at the perfect moment every time. Whether you’re climbing a steep slope, cruising along a flat, or racing downhill, the E-shifter makes sure you’re always in the right gear, and always in the moment.

Theft Defense: Our new electric bikes debut the latest version of our Rider Recognition protocol. When you first set up your bike with the VanMoof app, the S3 & X3 establish a secure, encrypted connection with your smartphone. Your bike will now automatically activate when you approach, disarming the integrated alarms when you get near. With the S3 & X3, this connection is stronger than ever, and optimized for Android and iOS devices – so your bike always knows who’s riding it.

Turbo Boost: no feature sets VanMoof apart more than the Turbo Boost, giving you a dose of instant acceleration by maxing out the motor torque. Crossing a busy intersection? The extra acceleration will get you to the other side with time to spare. Pulling away from a traffic light? With the Turbo Boost you’ll be at the front of the biking pack, and away from the jostling elbows. Caught by a surprise headwind? The Turbo Boost turns an energy-sapping gale into a gentle breeze.

Hydraulic brakes: With the new electric VanMoof S3 & X3, we’ve thought just as hard about how you’ll slow down. That’s why we’ve completely redesigned our signature disc brakes – and built the world’s first integrated hydraulic braking system. Our hydraulic brakes deliver much greater stopping power with very little effort. Now you can stop quickly and safely in a full downpour, with the pull of a single finger.

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All our bikes are unisex. You can choose the one that fits you best – we advise the X3 e-bike for riders 155 - 200cm tall and the S3 for riders that are 170-210 cm tall. If you are in between these height ranges, we recommend taking a test ride so you can try both e-bikes for yourself.

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VanMoof electric bikes S3 & X3 have an integrated battery (504W capacity). To charge your bike, just follow these steps:

1. Plug the included charger into a power outlet and connect the other end to your bike, on the underside of the top tube.

2. The battery will automatically stop charging when it reaches full capacity.

3. A full charge takes about 4 hours, and you can get a 50% charge in 80 minutes.

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It’s still possible to go hands-on with the incredible new VanMoof S3 & X3 electric bikes, and our team will make sure your experience is as safe and enjoyable as possible. All bikes will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected before and after every use, and team members will keep a distance of at least two meters at all times. We’re now using a spaced scheduling system to make sure there is no overlap between riders. And if you don't live near a VanMoof brand store, we now have pop-up locations all over the world – with more coming soon!