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Lease Electrified

Discover a new way to ride. Enjoy the Electrified S2 from just €79 a month, in our new partnership with Friesland Lease.

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Feel the freedom

Upgrade your A-to-B with the world's most advanced e-bike. You can now ride the Electrified S2 from €79 a month – including all maintenance, insurance, and theft protection service. What are you waiting for?

Private Lease benefits

Ride Electrified for the lowest cost ever. Our industry-leading theft protection means nothing can get in your way. And with all maintenance and repairs included, there really are no more worries.  

Temporarily unavailable

The Electrified S2 is temporarily out of stock.

General FAQ

Our partner Friesland Lease arranges all contracts under 30 bikes.

Who actually owns the bikes?

With the Friesland Lease plan, Friesland Lease owns the bikes.
If you want to buy any leased bikes at the end of your term, this can be discussed with your Friesland Lease contractor towards the end of your contract.

Who is the point of contact for my lease plan?

If you lease from Friesland Lease, please contact them for any issues related to your lease plan.
If you have issues with your bike, the VanMoof support team will help you via phone or email.




What if the bike breaks or needs maintenance?

We make our bikes as city-proof as possible, but if your bike needs some extra love, we’re here to help.
If you live in or close to Amsterdam, just make an appointment and our Bike Doctors will repair your bike for free.
If you have technical issues and you live outside Amsterdam, the VanMoof support team will help you with the troubleshooting via phone or email. Just get in touch with us here.


When can I expect a response to my lease request?

Friesland Lease will contact you within five working days after you request a bike lease on our website.

Where can I have my bikes delivered?

The bikes will be delivered to the address you enter when filling out your lease details. It is not possible to have your bike delivered to a VanMoof brand store.

How long does it take to receive bikes on the Friesland Lease plan?

This depends on our stock and availability. After you get your order confirmation from Friesland Lease, it may take up to 3-5 weeks to ship your bike – please check our website for up-to-date delivery information. You’ll receive a Track & Trace link as soon as your bike leaves our warehouse.

Do I get a monthly invoice for BTW purposes?

Yes. A monthly invoice with BTW specified will be sent by Friesland Lease.