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VanMoof by Harwoods

An exclusive partnership.
An incredible offer.

It's time to ride the future

VanMoof is partnering with Harwoods to bring you the world's most advanced e-bikes. Enjoy all their next-gen features, with an exclusive offer for Harwoods customers.

Tamper detection

Remote lockdown mode

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Claim your exclusive offer
Ready to ride?

1. Choose your bike
  • Choose between the VanMoof S3 or Electrified S2. The S3 is VanMoof’s latest e-bike, and Harwoods customers get a 2 week head start on the stated shipping times. The S2 ships in 2 weeks, with a £1548 price reduction.
2. Configure your bike
  • The S2 and S3 come in two colourways, Light and Dark. Choose your colour, accessories, and Peace of Mind services, then continue to checkout.
3. Apply your offer code
  • Your offer will be shown when you enter your Harwoods offer code (HarwoodsS2 or HarwoodsS3) at the checkout page.
4. Enjoy your next-gen bike
  • Beat rush hour. Outsmart bike thieves. And feel the freedom of riding further and faster than ever before.

Electrified S2

The e-bike that changed everything. Powerful motor. High-capacity battery. Smart tech. Normally retailing for £3198, you can now ride the Electrified S2 for £1650. Apply the offer code HarwoodsS2 at checkout.

Ships in 1-2 weeks

Get your S2
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VanMoof S3

With an updated motor, automatic electronic gear shifting, and integrated anti- theft tech, the VanMoof S3 is custom-tuned for the ultimate riding experience. Use the offer code HarwoodsS3 at checkout for priority shipping.

Shipping in 18 16 weeks
Get your S3
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S2 and S3 Specs

S2 Front wheel hub
  • 250-500W
  • Boost torque: 30Nm
S2 Range
  • 60km ~ 150km
  • Full power ~ Economy mode
  • 2 power levels
S2 Battery
  • 504W capacity Integrated LG cell
  • Removable for servicing
S2 Charger
  • 36V 4A
  • 50% charge in 80 minutes
  • Full charge in four hours
S3 Front wheel hub
  • 250-500W
  • Boost torque: 59Nm
S3 Range
  • 60km ~ 150km
  • Full power ~ Economy mode
  • 4 power levels
S3 Battery
  • 504W capacity Integrated LG cell
  • Removable for servicing
S3 Charger
  • 36V 4A
  • 50% charge in 80 minutes
  • Full charge in four hours

  • Keyless lock, Touch Unlock
  • Automatic rider recognition
  • Integrated alarms
  • GSM and Bluetooth theft tracking

  • For riders 170-210 cm
  • Matt Light & Dark finishes
  • Weight: 19 kg
Matrix Display
  • Display states and accurate charging status
  • 40 Lux automatic LED lighting system
  • One-piece adjustable handlebar and stem
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My 72 Minute Commute in London

Oroh Angiama is a session musician and VanMoof S2 rider. We joined him for his 72 minute commute – starting in South East London, through Clapham, over the Waterloo bridge and ending in the heart of the city, in Covent Garden at the Aldwych Theatre.

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