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French Mobility Insights

People are switching from to e-bikes faster than ever before. This is changing what our cities look like and how we move around them. We'd like to share some data about the impact VanMoof riders are having.

Paris might be the next e-bike capital of the world.

Paris is one of the cities with the most ambitious plans to transform into a greener and healthier city. The most iconic plans are for the area surrounding the Champs Elyssees and Arc de Triomphe. The city is planning to transform the area in to an 'extraordinary garden'. New gardens, less space for cars and new bike lanes will be added.

The transformation of Paris

Paris has built 700km of bike lanes since 2014 (and 50km of temporary bike lanes since the start of the pandemic). This resulted in a major increase in bike usage. Paris saw its cycling population grow by 65% in 2020 with 6 out of 10 of these riders new to cycling.

French e-bike usage

Average distance per round trip:
8.56 km
Average time per round trip:
34 minutes

VanMoof Rider Heatmap

French VanMoof riders have saved 70,63 tones of CO2 emissions from being released over the last year. Here you can see the geographical distribution of our rider heroes.


The Future

"E-bikes make everyone healthier. They reduce society’s reliance on cars and lower greenhouse gas emissions. They increase productivity and space in our cities. They transform commuting from the worst part of your day into the best. As we look towards a post-Covid future, they will play a central role in our green recovery."

- Taco Carlier Mobility Insights Overview