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Electric just got more electric

the VanMoof V

Our very first high-speed bike is set to take you beyond what you thought an e-bike was capable of.

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Designed to shrink even the biggest city

The VanMoof V will be everything you love about riding, and then some. Featuring two-wheel drive, a full suspension frame, advanced acceleration, and next-gen integrated tech, this bike will breathe new life into our streets. 

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Faster than ever

Power. Like you've never known from a bike. Featuring two-wheel drive, advanced acceleration, and integrated speed settings to match your country's regulations,
the VanMoof V will travel up to 50 km/h. It's time to get ahead of the pack.

50 km/hTop speed

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Ride smooth

The VanMoof V will have thick tires, full suspension (both front and rear), and a robust aluminium frame built for smooth riding no matter the speed or distance.

icon-suspensionFull suspension

icon-tiresThick tires

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Beyond smart

Put simply, the VanMoof V will be the smartest speed bike out there. With all the signature VanMoof integrated tech, from the automated gears to the seamless Kick Lock – the behind-the-scenes engineering will take this bike to the next level. 

icon-boostTurbo Boost

icon-defenceKick Lock & Theft Defense

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"Designed to take you faster and further than your average e-bike. This bike makes you feel like an equal part of traffic." 

Ties Carlier, Co-Founder of VanMoof

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Keep your eyes peeled – more specs and capabilities of the VanMoof V will be added as we work on bringing the bike to life.

Watch the reveal event

Want to know more about the VanMoof V? Hear from our co-founders, Taco and Ties Carlier, on why they chose to make this our next step in e-mobility.

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More information

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At the moment, everything we can show you is specified on this page.

But keep your eyes peeled, more specs and capabilities of the VanMoof V will be added from now until the bike is ready for delivery. Please note that images and colors shown in VanMoof’s promotional activities are artistic expressions of the VanMoof V and are not an exact reflection of the product specifications.

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Currently, the VanMoof V can only be reserved in the Netherlands, Germany, France, the UK, the US, and Japan. Sign-up for the newsletter and be the first to know when you can order the VanMoof V in your region.

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The VanMoof V is still in development so the bike isn't available for test rides just yet. More detailed specs will be shared over time.

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While full-scale production was planned to commence fall 2022, we now expect production to start in late 2023. We are adjusting the timeline due to global supply chain issues.