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The Testing Lab

Behind the scenes of our new testing process

Enter the Lab
SA5 testing lab
SA5 testing lab

We push our bikes to the limit – and beyond – so they can handle what the city throws their way.

It starts in the rain chamber.

To make sure the electric components inside our bikes remain safe and dry whatever the weather, we subject them to 39 litres of water every minute at extremely high water pressure. Think a tropical rainstorm, then think bigger.

icon-suspension39 litres/min

icon-suspension2 hours

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The industry standards in place to test e-bikes weren’t high enough. So we made our own standards.

Heat chamber Heat chamber

Withstands the heat.
The 70°C heat.

Imagine the Sahara Desert, but nearly twice as hot. That’s where we put the components of our bike for days on end. That way we know they can cope on the hottest day of the year, wherever in the world that may be.


icon-suspension72 hours

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Higher standards meant creating more extreme tests. So, we turned up the dial and started putting our bikes through hell.

Sub zero-tested frame.

We place the bike frames – without any of the tech inside – in a freezing cold chamber for 72 hours. Once the ice has melted away, we test the frames to make sure they’re as strong as ever.


icon-suspension72 hours

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Endurance tested.

Some rides are short, others are long. Hours long. So our bikes are prepared for any length of journey, we run them over 200 km of uneven terrain. That’s Amsterdam to Brussels. Without stopping.


icon-suspension200 km

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By putting our bikes through such an extreme testing process, we know our bikes aren’t just built to survive the city – they’re built to thrive in it.

Certified dust-proof.

Sandstorm ahead or a dusty road on the horizon? To make sure airborne particles won’t affect the performance of our bikes, we lock them in a chamber and create our own confined storm that weathers on for 8 hours.

icon-suspension18.24 kg of dust

icon-suspension8 hours

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S5 in dust chamber

Survives extreme shocks.

From the bike rack to the busy city streets, our bikes need to be able to handle a little rough and tumble. That’s why we place our bikes at three different axes on a vibration plate and subject them to extreme shocks that go on for days.

icon-suspension3 axes

icon-suspension36 hours

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Now it’s time to step out of the Testing Lab and take a deeper look at our bikes.

Get to know the VanMoof S5 & A5

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S5 back light
S5 back light