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JobRad – lease company e-bikes from VanMoof

Ready for all-in worry-free riding? Lease a VanMoof with JobRad and save up to 40%.

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Your benefits through JobRad

Monthly contributions towards your lease of a VanMoof will be deducted from your gross salary. You’ll save money thanks to tax incentives, and you can enjoy your ride outside of work hours too.  Learn more

A woman rides a VanMoof S3
A man rides a VanMoof S3

How to place an order

First, please ensure that your employer has signed up with JobRad. To place an order, request a quote from us below and the VanMoof team will upload it to the JobRad Portal. Once it's been approved by your employer, your bike will then be shipped once in stock. Please be aware that accessories will be shipped separately and might arrive later than the bike.
Please note: Pannier bags cannot be included in the JobRad leasing offer.

Request a quote

Ready to join the ride?

Complete the form and we’ll submit the request with your leasing partner.

Frequently asked questions about JobRad

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Unfortunately, we’re unable to offer promotions and discounts for Jobrad orders. Only offers displayed on this page are applicable for your order.

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Peace of Mind service cannot be combined with a JobRad order, as JobRad has their own services available. Please reach out to the Lease partner for further information.

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No, an upgrade will not be offered if a new bike is launched.

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There are several options – please contact your employer to discuss what would work best for you.

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Yes. You can order the bike and leasable accessories via JobRad. Please reach out to the leasing partner if you aren’t sure whether the accessories you would like to purchase are leasable. Unfortunately, pannier bags aren’t be included in the lease.

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No, JobRad is exclusively available for new VanMoof bikes - bikes in our Outlet can’t be ordered via JobRad.

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No. Unfortunately, this is not possible, as you have agreed on a leasing contract with the duration of 36 months with JobRad. If you have questions about the terms of your contract, please contact JobRad.

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Yes, but your order will be cancelled and you have to wait until the pre-order is over.