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Peace of Mind


Our expert Bike Doctors make sure you’re never off the road for long. €298 one-off payment for three-year coverage: the equivalent of just €9/month.

Maintenance Maintenance

Peace of Mind


If the unthinkable happens, our Bike Hunters will hunt your bike down. €348 one-off payment for three-year coverage.

Theft Theft

Additional accessories coming soon

Front carrier A5
Front carrier A5 mobile

Front Rack

Coming soon

S5 A5 battery
S5 A5 battery mobile

Click-On Battery

Coming soon


For the VanMoof A5

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0-100% charge in 6 hours and 30 minutes
0-50% charge in 2 hours and 30 minutes

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Kick Lock with active-retract pin
Integrated Theft Defense
Automatic Rider Recognition
Manual disarm with backup code
Anti-theft nuts and bolts
GPS and Bluetooth location tracking
Apple Find My*

*The S5 and A5 will work with the Apple Find My network, pending certification.


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