SmartBike Straight frame

Von € 1498

The smartest thing on wheels.

The VanMoof SmartBike is unlike any other bike. Not only will it ship with anti-theft parts and tracking that make it terrifying to bike thieves. If a thief is brilliant enough to get past all that, we promise to get your stolen bike back to you in two weeks, or we'll replace it. We call this the VanMoof Peace of Mind Service, and every SmartBike gets it totally free of charge for the first two years.

Not only is the SmartBike a nightmare for thieves. It's also been designed to be the ultimate city bike. Unlike most bikes that get rustier with time, this one will get smarter over time, thanks to all the tech packed inside the frame and a dedicated smartphone app. It’s totally keyless, and can be unlocked with the tap of a finger on a smartphone or even the touch of a hand on the bike.

  • 3 Speed or 8 Speed
  • Rider height: 170 - 210 cm
  • Front & rear disc brakes
  • GSM anti-theft tracking
  • Smartphone connected
  • Keyless unlock
  • Available colours

Ships with total peace of mind

If your SmartBike gets stolen, our team will spend two weeks tracking down your bike, and if we can't find it, we'll replace it.

Peace of mind

Smarter today than it was yesterday.

Most bikes get rustier and squeakier over time. The SmartBike does the exact opposite. It's smartphone-connected and packed with tech, so you'll wake up some mornings to a bike that's smarter than it was yesterday.

Terrifying to thieves.

We've protected the parts that thieves love the most with anti-theft nuts and screws, and equipped your SmartBike with GSM and Bluetooth tracking so if a thief does get their hands on it, we'll track it down.


Totally keyless.

Because your SmartBike is connected to your smartphone, you'll never need to fumble around with keys.


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