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{ "timezone":"120", "services":[ "Shop bikes and accessories", "Test rides", "In-store pickup for online orders", "Bike Doctors - repairs", "Bike Hunters - stolen bike recovery", "VanMoof+ subscriptions", "Pin and credit card payments only" ], "products":[ "Smart S", "Smart X", "Electrified S2", "Accessories", "Coffee" ], "contact":[ { "title":"Call us", "href":"tel:+31203307401", "label_title":"Call us", "label":"+31 (0)20 33 07 401" }, { "title":"Send an e-mail", "href":"", "label_title":"email-address", "label":"Fill out our contact form here" } ], "daynames":[ "Monday", "Tuesday", "Wednesday", "Thursday", "Friday", "Saturday", "Sunday" ], "i18n":{ "open":"Open", "closed":"Closed", "openstring":"from {open} to {close}", "opentitle":"We're open", "closetitle":"We're closed", "today":"Today", "now":"Today", "regularhours":"December 24th: closing at 4pm
December 25th - 26th: closed
December 31st: closing at 4pm
January 1st: closed
January 31st: closing at 4pm", "showcontact":"Contact store", "hidecontact":"Hide contact", "services":"Services available", "products":"Products in store" }, "timetable":{ "open":[ "8:00", "8:00", "8:00", "8:00", "8:00", "10:00", "10:00" ], "close":[ "19:00", "19:00", "19:00", "19:00", "19:00", "17:30", "17:30" ] } }

    • Shop bikes and accessories
    • Test rides
    • In-store pickup for online orders
    • Bike Doctors - repairs
    • Bike Hunters - stolen bike recovery
    • VanMoof+ subscriptions
    • Pin and credit card payments only
    • Smart S
    • Smart X
    • Electrified S2
    • Accessories
    • Coffee


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