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Senior Cloud Engineer

Ready to join the ranks of a fast-moving and innovative bike company? We're on the lookout for a Senior Cloud Engineer to help us keep our riders happy and our bikes connnected. You'll be responsible for keeping all VanMoof services and production systems running smoothly. You'll collaborate our Research & Development (R&D) Product teams, supporting everything from our our online store and the core systems that enable our app features, to the internal ERP solution to the software used in our physical VanMoof stores.

You'll play a key role in several projects throughout the year, such as setting rules and metrics for our monitoring, and developing a kitchen live stream from our brand new office in Amsterdam Noord.

Our ideal candidate is pragmatic and experienced, and will apply sound engineering principles, discipline, and automation to our environments and the VanMoof codebase. An enthusiastic, go-for-it attitude is a must in this role: when you see something broken, you can't help but fix it.

What you'll do:

  • You'll design, improve, build, and maintain VanMoof's infrastructure, running it with Helm, Terraform, and Kubernetes.
  • You'll monitor the infrastructure and implement alerts on signals and trends, not outages.
  • You'll write the infrastructure's code and try to automate whatever can be.
  • You'll mentor the Dev teams to help them develop a DevOps approach.
  • You'll containerize several services, migrating from virtual machines running on AWS, Google Cloud, and other parties to EKS.
  • You'll standardize infra as code, while helping release teams deploy and fix their services.

What you'll bring:

  • You have at least five years of industry experience.
  • You have in-depth knowledge of Linux and Unix Shell.
  • You have strong programming skills including Ruby, Go, Python, and Julia.
  • You have an affinity with keeping up with all the services that AWS publishes and direct working experience with at least one.
  • You have experience working with Nginx, HAProxy, Docker, Kubernetes, Terraform, or similar technologies.
  • You have experience supporting a wide range of tech stacks (PHP, Python, Node, Go)
  • You have experience with containers – and not the shipping kind.

What you'll get:

  • 26 paid holiday days for you to unwind
  • Your very own VanMoof bike (lend-lease)
  • Pension plan with Brand New Day
  • Bi-annual performance awards (subject to individual and company results)
  • Laptop, screens, and software tools
  • Insider experience in a rapidly-growing international company
  • Healthy lunch provided when in the office
  • Special snacks, tasty coffee (and lots of tea) when in the office
  • Weekly bootcamp, weekly yoga, OneFit discount, and ClassPass credits
  • Discount on Dutch health insurance

About us:

We’re making it our mission to get the next billion on bikes. Truly city-proof, our rides shrink long commutes, scare off bike thieves, and amplify your pedal power. We’re riding the future together. Are you in?

Job descriptions are difficult to interpret. We understand you might not tick all of the boxes above. The truth is, we don't either. If you feel excited about our upcoming challenges, we encourage you to apply now.

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